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25 Jun 2022 07:54:54
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Review Of The Day 24th June 2022

25 Jun 2022 07:40:00
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 24th June 2022

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24 Jun 2022 23:18:20
Billy eiliish is still on and talking rubbish
Most overated singer in history
Most depressing singer I've ever heard.

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25 Jun 2022 00:07:48
I agree 79 he looks like another tranny to me 🤔.

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24 Jun 2022 23:12:07
And so ta bed.
You lot can be the hard working ****er$ you want. Seeing the sheep falling into oblivion. Me i see football as it is. A fkn currency of greed/ laundering/ snobs hobbies, and gambling formats. Gone are the days of really wanting the shirt, kissing the badge. All i see is agents kissing the bundles. Most clueless on football and owners wanting the recognition refs seem to search for because of there sad youth. Each city town etc needs football as a togetherness. Remember your a da taking your kids to games to support this most beautiful game. Not the opposition and it's back room wrongs. Each kid needs something to believe in. Outside of being bombarded with scholarship issues etc they need a release from the norm. Remember you lot were there once. And need to be there now. Football is not a game of hate. Its a stepping stone of love . But only if ya can stop acting hard and accept it. Night, luv you lot. Ps i hope derby don't fold. But then again i'm just a geordie in most eyes.

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24 Jun 2022 22:33:06
Wow lotta newbies coming to the fore, great to see as long aa its not old mutton. Old with a distinctive taste. Believe me the Eds can read them a mile off. Our shield of sh#te to the sheep. To which I'm truly grateful. As i keep saying . Brilliant job EDS 👏.

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{Ed001's Note - thank you mate, how are you?}

24 Jun 2022 23:34:45
Great to hear from ya ED001, got to admit been in a really bad way since Wembley. Came back with the c.v. Cannot tell ya how much its knocked me for six. Cannot breathe very well. Totally knackered as soon as i'm up etc etc. Not moaning just replying. Was on man utd site to see there response on Henderson . I see you got to lot of fans on there mate 😉 ok respect. Hope your all settled now my friend and good luck .

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{Ed001's Note - sorry to hear that mate, it can be horrible if it wants to, but sometimes the side effects afterwards can be good. So fingers crossed when you recover you are in better health than you were before. Sounds like you are suffering from the long variant though, it does seem to hit the elite athletes a lot....

All good here, just got registered as a little green man, so now I have my alien registration card I can get stuff like a bank account and all those kind of things done. I do love it out here, apart from being followed round by lots of little kids calling me Americano and saying 'hi man' all the time.}

25 Jun 2022 00:00:03
Hahahaha athlete ED, well black belt in vodka and just done the iron man scrabble, time is still your friend young man. Never take it for granted. Grab it and enjoy as i'm sure you will 👍.

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{Ed001's Note - I was probably stretching it more with the elite part than the athlete bit! I am just about to go out for a walk around the UP campus now with my friend. It is beautiful out there so we go there every Saturday and Sunday morning, well depending on how bad his head is anyway, some days we have to give it a miss!}

24 Jun 2022 23:02:23
And all are welcome Bowie my friend
Once apon a time there was a forest where sheep were aloud to graze
Now the sheep rely on someone's back lawn 🤣🤣.

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25 Jun 2022 00:23:19
😉 79 ya never give up son. Luv ya 👍 ED001 i owe ya for the elite. 🤣 your never alone my friend. The world just revolves on memories mate. Its making each day that memorable thing. Bowiered3 today 😉 oi i'm going to patent it haha.

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{Ed001's Note - you should start a podcast talking about your life mate. Though if your accent is strong Geordie it will need subtitles.}

24 Jun 2022 21:06:46
Henderson deal complete - no option to buy, which would have made the deal that much bit sweeter and allowed us to loan Garner. Got to hope we can buy him outright now.

Wayne Hennessey also linked now as backup with Horvath leaving on loan for regular first team football.

Samba to lens. So all change in goal!

We continue to be linked to every man who is Welsh, also. Haha.

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24 Jun 2022 21:44:41

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24 Jun 2022 21:04:57
Who lit the spark for the great team spirit and camaraderie when he joined us that's right Mr Cooper . i'm sure a handful of new faces will fit right in with a few words of encouragement from the boss so I wouldn't worry too much as team building seems to be a forte of of his . I have an inner feeling we might just surprise a few teams in the premier when it kicks off . Up up and away Coopermans boys we're flying back up to the summit of European footie, 🥹🥹🥹.

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24 Jun 2022 20:51:41
Whilst not my favourite character I do feel Mr Rooney has done himself proud at Derby. difficult to see how he could have done any better!
credit where it's due!

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24 Jun 2022 21:05:25
Well said McGovern.

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24 Jun 2022 22:11:44
If your looking for sympathy in any shape or form for derby?
Then your on the wrong site
They deserve everything that's happening to them end of.

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24 Jun 2022 20:41:19
Well i see broad and co are taking a leaf outta forest books of last season with the never say die attitude. Been absolutely amazing to watch . Come on England, bairstow/ overton amazing i really thought we were fkd 👊.

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