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22 Jan 2020 02:50:15
I see a lot of conversation about ffp, but we really can't have much to spend with our inflated squad what will the average wage be? About 20k a week with what 30 first team which would be 2.4 million a month no matter how well run we are that's impossible to sustain at our level.

Red James

1.) 22 Jan 2020 08:21:36
I doubt many players are on 20k per week. More like 7 to 15k. Even at that its not going to be covered by gate receipts which i think 80% of wages has to be. Ffp is a mystery ti how it is evenly monitored!

2.) 22 Jan 2020 09:20:02
Isnt previously sold players, merch sales etc all included in it too?

3.) 22 Jan 2020 10:16:07
I forgot we also got 7 million for brereton so we should be ok, I'd say we are 15 million in profit from transfers.

4.) 22 Jan 2020 10:38:55
We also got 8 million for apiah at the start of the season.



30 Dec 2019 00:27:06
Sell benalouane, hefele and retire dawson and replace them kel naismith, he looked solid and a good ball carrying defender, Gelhardt look decent too.

Red James

1.) 30 Dec 2019 14:44:04
Do you really think we should retire Dawson after a couple of bad games? Talk about knee jerk. He was playing really well and might well find his form and add his leadership to the side. Look at the impact he had on the form of Joe "he isn't good enough" Worrall!

2.) 30 Dec 2019 17:14:03
Nope not at all, worrall was always a good player in a bad team worrall was good from the off sorry but don't think dawson would influenced him that quickly build for the future anyday 36 is just old for this league and that many games, prob why his form dipped because he is knackered why pay someone 20k a week for 10 games a season.

3.) 30 Dec 2019 18:42:07
Well if you agreed that Worrall was a good player all along then you are in a minority on here as I was pilloried for saying that. But you are wrong that 36 is too old for a centre back if he stays fit.

If he doesn't play more than 20 games then I'd agree we shouldn't renew his contract but Dawson's experience will be needed later in the season especially if we pick up knocks and/ or make the play offs.



29 Dec 2018 21:41:30
For all the ak supporters please can you answer why other managers who have been in there positions the same amount of time as ak or less are doing so well and they have bought in a load of new players ect as well ie Leeds derby and so on, I have never managed a football team so maybe someone can enlighten me, I was always under the impression managers did homework on oppositions put together a game plan on the opposition's strengths and weaknesses with his assistants if this is the case why are we playing 4,2,3,1 week in week out regardless of the formation and players we are up against seems so one dimensional, even if it was 2 formations one with the ball one without just some variation to keep opposition guessing I just think his tactics have been worked out step up the pitch stop us passing 100% guarantee will stop us winning.

Red James

1.) 30 Dec 2018 03:43:17
think he's been found out over a lot of things.

2.) 30 Dec 2018 11:27:16
Farke came 14th with Norwich last season and look how they are doing now. We just need a bit of stability, sacking karanka will only disrupt the squad. Give him at least a season. He's won the champions league 3 times as a player and has got a team promoted from this league. With all due respect he knows way more about football than you ever will.

3.) 30 Dec 2018 11:53:46
And where did we finish under karanka last season then after he bought all those players in January too people seem to think this is his first season he has had 2 sets of players with the same win ratio and same carp tactics ? Being a good footballer doesn't make you a good manager so don't care what he has won he was a very good defender is that helping our defence . no, first all his supporters said don't judge till after 12 games then don't judge till Xmas now it's a whole season, I know enough about football too see that 4,2,3,1 isn't working at home yet he can't seem to work it out, pants has been shocking in most games still picked, JC should not be in team week in week out yet he is take those glasses off and see what's wrong in front of your eyes, so you agree with his same plan no matter what were up against

4.) 30 Dec 2018 19:31:06
This has been happening at forest for years though, we under perform and we get a new manager in and we sign new players and we get excited then 8 months down the line it starts all over again and everyones out for blood. Who is better suited to the job? I only mention his playing achievement because He's been at the top of his game and you should show him some respect, not many people in the world can say they've won three champions leagues, as a player I would want to learn from him. I think he gave Fox a lot of confidence. And we have got better at defending imo, the last few months havnt been the best but he's given me more hope than any of the other managers we've had. He arrived at the start of January with an awful squad, we now have depth and experience. Do you really think he is trying to sabotage the team, he wants them to play well just as much as you do. Confidence is massive in this game and having loads of fans moan for a poor dip in form isn't going to help anyone. Yes in a year's time if we are playing the same I will be on your side. I'm young, I've only supported forest since they've been a mid table championship side (Look how many players have moved on as soon as there is interest, we are not the most attractive team in the league) and maybe you've got to get your head out the clouds and accept that that's what we are. Fawaz did not help this club at all and it'll take time for those scars to heal. Patience mate.

5.) 30 Dec 2018 20:00:43
Dertwedge, You can say what you like about our manager but the fact of the matter is managers in most cases get to keep, or lose their job based on results, and league position, especially after spending more money than the club has spent for many a year.

2, i repeat 2 transfer windows and a lot of money later not only are we only 2 points better off this season compared to last season, but we have not won for a while.

The club set a standard with Warburton when they sacked him when we were 9 points away from the play offs, we are 6 points away at the moment.

Should we lose against Leeds, and Derby win then BOOM, the manager will be gone.

6.) 30 Dec 2018 21:42:52
Utter garbage sorry, not once have I disrespected him yes I've questioned his ability as a manager but not as a player but that has no bearing on managerial ability, a dip in form?

Where was the high the majority of games have been unconvincing wins or scraped draws with about 3 games where I've thought wow they were good the team was riding there luck for a while now the luck has run out and the bare bones are exposed please explain to me the progress then 2 points better off than last season still can't defend set pieces still can't score from, still can't break down teams sitting deep or defending well, still the same keeper problem, summer arrivals bar grabban and yacob have been uninspiring I just fail too see a year later a years progress yes rome wasn't built in a day but a more difference is needed simple.



03 Dec 2018 23:37:55
Is all this criticism Worrall gets justified? he was in an awful team zero protection from midfield, mancienne as a partner and silent Smith behind him what chance did the young lad stand I think he would thrive in this side.

Red James

1.) 04 Dec 2018 08:20:11
He's below par,just like Brereton and Walker. A liability.

2.) 04 Dec 2018 08:40:50
And what can you use to make that opinion he hasn't had a chance in good side any defender would of looked bad in that defence is my point one man can't make a defence

3.) 04 Dec 2018 09:57:58
A defender is there to defend the goal, what side he's in is totally irrelevant. Yes in a poorer side he may have to do more defending, but it's still defending and Worrall is just an old school, head it and hit it. He's a liability at the back, his anticipation is poor, always seems 1 second or 2 behind the game. Just like pants, if he's bought back, he will cost us goals and maybe promotion.

4.) 04 Dec 2018 10:02:15
If anything, a defender in a poor team has the chance to shine, be the one to step up and show class, Worrall never did that.

5.) 04 Dec 2018 10:26:52

Absolute rubbish!!!

Poor JW had a useless CH partner and two poor fullbacks and a keeper who didn’t communicate. On top of that he had two useless central midfielders.

What chance did the lad have??!!!!!

Be real. . He needed to come into a good side, a bit like Dawson did when he started alongside Des Walker with Crossley behind him.

6.) 04 Dec 2018 11:12:30
Fox looked bad for three seasons trying to play centre back,all of a sudden a world beaterthis season?🤔
The defence never had the likes of colback Watson geddy or Jacob in front of them.
Worrall will be class and a future captain.
Only as good as the players around you,it's a team game not about individuals

7.) 04 Dec 2018 11:26:33
Ahh echoes of how good Brereton once was in some peoples eyes and how much of a travesty it was that we sold him. 7m doesn't look so bad now though does it. Worrall is no different, he's never shown anything to suggest he's ever going to be any other than a mediocre championship defender. People just have a blinkered vision on home grown players.

8.) 04 Dec 2018 12:24:07
Ok gazza what should we do with appiah?
Sell him quick,because according to some,if they are home grown then they are only ever going to be average at best?
England think different of Worrall and he didn't do too badly.
Too early to write off brereton yet,don't think he made a good career move there.

9.) 04 Dec 2018 13:35:53
I think GazzaRed must've found Joe Worrall in bed with Mrs GazzaRed.


10.) 04 Dec 2018 13:39:04
Surely this is an opportunity for an under 23 player to be on the bench. Good experience. Don't forget, Colback can play at left back as well.

11.) 04 Dec 2018 14:09:41
Worrall is ok and in my opinion is a very good player. Working with Hefele and Robinson beside him to keep him in tune with what he needs to do will be a good prospect. Some of you are forgetting he was made England U21 Captain. You don't get that recognition unless you are a good player. As long as the price was low buying back Olly Burke is a no-brainer; he can terrify defences.

12.) 04 Dec 2018 14:25:26
Personally Worrall would have learned more staying here and learning in training from Dawson,he'd have had a chance to get the team at some point.

13.) 04 Dec 2018 16:15:32
FF799, I'd say it all depends how much first team action he gets at Rangers. If he plays but was 5th choice here then maybe not. I do like the idea of Dawson mentoring him, either second half of this season or next season in the Prem.

Agree with the sentiment above. He hasn't just Captained England under 21s. He has captained an England under 21 trophy winning team hasn't he? Fantastic prospect and red through and through. His detractors are full of bovine excreta.

14.) 04 Dec 2018 16:25:10
When Dawson's not injured, of course.

15.) 04 Dec 2018 16:28:31
Sorry Gazza can't disagree more defence is a unit if your partner is out of position your passed round easily if your left and right back are beaten time and again you can't defend cross after cross find your comment amazing why don't we just play one at the back then and have more attacking players if that's the case

16.) 04 Dec 2018 16:47:42
Just to be clear, Fox played as a left back but always had decent games when asked to cover at CB. Worral would not have got a look in if he stayed here this year, best thing to loan him out.

I remember a young John Terry coming to us for a season, it will do Worral a world of good.

17.) 04 Dec 2018 19:51:38
Appiah actually has some quality. When Worralls back in the team and he's being a calamity and you're all slating him,I'll be the one saying I told you so

18.) 04 Dec 2018 20:31:48
We can all be wrong though gazza,look at Darikwa,totally different player this season,magnificent on Saturday,great shot for the first and great delivery for the last,but his defending has improved dramatically as well.
It's not always how good you are,but about the confidence the team has and how they perform as a unit.
Appiah obviously is a talent,he plays for England and performs on that stage,so did Worrall and was a winner in the process,so they can see the talent,maybe that should be taken on board???

19.) 05 Dec 2018 06:59:06
Michael mancienne played for England.

20.) 05 Dec 2018 18:12:28
Give it up, GazzaRed. You're writing off a 21yo centre-half who has shown promise and it's foolish.

Even if he does turn out to be an average Championship defender, I'd rather have him here as 3rd or 4th choice than some overpaid foreign mercenary.

Lascelles is an excellent comparison. Showed good promise but never really excelled in the Forest first team on a consistent basis and no one moaned too much when he moved on to Newcastle. In his first season at Newcastle he wasn't regular and they were relegated. A few years on, he's back in the Prem and one of the first names on the turn sheet. Patience is required, especially with young defenders. Even more so if they're one of your own.

21.) 05 Dec 2018 20:42:43
Good post SSWE.

22.) 05 Dec 2018 21:23:58
Agree,not sure what the turn sheet is though??or do I??
I'm just glad the lads ok and the doctors have got him "regular" now,must have taken a load off?🤣🤣🤣🤣

23.) 06 Dec 2018 15:27:48
Sorry, should've read 'team sheet'!

24.) 07 Dec 2018 23:56:47
Worrall is as good as Lascelles in my opinion. Better than Wes Morgan was at 21! Digest that fact for a moment.

Morgan has captained a champions league team and Lascelles a Premier league one and neiother were better than Worrall at 21



03 Nov 2018 08:56:55
I see TM wants to use Bereton as a winger lol and the fans are calling the deal a waste of money, some are asking if they can pull out of the deal.

Red James

1.) 03 Nov 2018 18:33:42
Ha ha what a shocker. No thanks, we don’t want him back.




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24 Jun 2022 15:37:23
Is anyone else a bit concerned with the Henderson signing, if we are paying his full wages of 110k a week the rest of the team will want similar or they will be off especially with the likes of Johnson who needs a new deal hope this doesn't bite us in the ass.

Red James

1.) 24 Jun 2022 15:55:06
Very good point james mate ?.

2.) 24 Jun 2022 16:09:10
If we're just covering his wages it's the equivalent of paying about £5m to have him for the season.

3.) 24 Jun 2022 16:29:27
I don't believe we are coving all of his wages that's was only if we had the option to buy at the end of the season we had to pay all of his wages

4.) 24 Jun 2022 16:37:51
One player on much better terms no matter who is paying will never work , our team spirit is paramount to survival,break it and down we go !
Please don,t make this mistake ,just look back through our history !

5.) 24 Jun 2022 17:20:03
From what I've read it was full wages, loan only.

6.) 24 Jun 2022 22:02:17
Carlo do you worry about everything in life?

7.) 24 Jun 2022 23:42:09
Apart from his round 79? Bless ya joking carlo son.



27 May 2022 18:08:48
Hi, unfortunately I couldn't get a ticket for Sunday, so I'm going to enjoy the atmosphere and watch it at a pub close to Wembley does anyone have anyy recommendations please.

Red James

1.) 27 May 2022 18:42:40
Get inebriated and just enjoy james. Simples . You can't plan days like this they plan themselves young man .

2.) 27 May 2022 18:52:58
In the same boat Red James. Picked Nottingham to watch. Most on here are luckily going to Wembley, expect zero sympathy. 👍.

3.) 27 May 2022 23:08:14
If your down there red James just soak up the atmosphere and the stadium sports bar looks OK?
Just enjoy mate, not sure where I'll end up yet mate.
Just get there and se what suits.



11 Feb 2022 17:30:22
Looking forward to tomorrow's game taking my step son who made the rare switch from supporting Leicester to Forest about 3 years ago lol.

Red James

1.) 11 Feb 2022 18:01:29
Is that why you call him your step son because he stepped over to the right team in the end.

2.) 11 Feb 2022 19:56:32
You've got a smart lad there red james enjoy the game.

3.) 11 Feb 2022 23:22:50
I might have had something to do with it lol.

4.) 12 Feb 2022 00:28:14
I know you bought him a big red fun bus? . 😁.



07 Feb 2022 20:49:14
I see a lot of comments about garner being recalled, Spence and Johnson leaving but none of these so called pundits or journalists have thought that maybe sc is the reason there over achieving and the chances are they may not replicate that under a different manager look at Spence before he joined us, Johnson under Hughton its always just about the player, u remember when we sold grant holt I laughed my head off that someone paid money for him then hit 20 plus goals in the prem sometimes a player just fits.

Red James

1.) 08 Feb 2022 08:55:34
Grant Holt was played in a different position for the club that brought him that wss probably the reason for his success. I do agree with what you are saying though.

2.) 08 Feb 2022 10:50:29
Fully understand were your coming from Red James, I’m very worried that soon one of the big clubs will realise that sometimes own grown managers I. e. Mr Cooper will be a better option than the very expensive merry go round, jobs for the boys clan, at the so called top of management, you know the lot I’m on about no need to name them all . It will happen and soon, these money bag clubs will come calling and not just for our better players, Steve’s done such a great job with Forest, It will be noticed, anybody called a manager can bye a team, not many can try to do a Mr Clough but Mr Cooper is making a great effort, all us fans must enjoy him and his team while they are with the great NOTTINGHAM FOREST . Really hope my thoughts are wrong . 🤨😖.

3.) 08 Feb 2022 11:12:14
Swansea fans must be gutted there owners showed no faith. But that old saying dreamteam, all good things happen for a reason, he's absolutely loving it here mate. The respect he's been given from our owners and fans . which is obviously richly deserved.

4.) 08 Feb 2022 11:35:16
Joe Kanier, among other Forest managers all moaned how our history is on show all over the club and it needed to be taken down as it distracts from the now. Cooper has come in and embraced our history and has shown he knows how important fans are to help the team to play better when we are vocal. Cooper has shown although football is big business you still need to separate the business and the passion for football as much is possible.

5.) 08 Feb 2022 11:38:18
Morning Bowie mate, I fully understand and know that Mr Cooper really loves everything Forest and long may it last, he’s got to be very ambitious as well though, hopefully he can achieve all he wishes for with us, starting with promotion. Don’t forget though Bowie, even the great man would have left Forest for the England job slightly different I know, but it was his ambition, we all know he would have made a fantastic job of that too. 👍 Still waiting to see Mr Cooper walking on water, it may well come, if he stays with us 👍. I’ve tried it a few times in the local, always fell on my a##e though 🥃😂.

6.) 08 Feb 2022 12:10:13
🤣🤣 dreamteam, i agree with ya obviously lot to do on clough / taylor but hey we believe in miracles 😉.

7.) 08 Feb 2022 13:34:51
Nearest thing we’ll ever have to the great man Bowie lad, only took 20 odd years and god nows how many managers 😂😂👍.



16 Jan 2022 15:19:55
Everyone has lauding Cook but am I the only one who noticed he lost the ball at least 3 times in our own half, yes great defensive work but his playing out from the back was definitely wobbly at best.

Red James

1.) 16 Jan 2022 15:26:23
It's a honeymoon period where he's settling in nicely.
Wait till he's up to speed then you will see an even better player.
Top pro.

2.) 16 Jan 2022 15:36:27
We didn't concede yesterday, I think the defence is working, I just wish we could put teams like Millwall to bed at half time! .




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13 Jun 2022 06:49:14
It's not just asking price it's the wages we will be offering compared to TH.

Red James



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11 Jun 2022 08:34:39
It's coming out now it's not a done deal as he is reluctant to sign for TH to bench warm or be loaned out.

Red James



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14 Apr 2022 02:10:31
Without promotion we have zero chance of signing spence would need a bid of around 20 Mill we just don't have that money.

Red James



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25 Jan 2022 18:37:21
How many goals do we have from free kicks this season 🤣.

Red James



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06 Oct 2020 11:52:52
You had better hope we don't get promoted then because they will all want big wages then.

Red James




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21 Jun 2022 15:27:23
100 million isn't going to buy 12 prem quality players 5 or 6 maybe.

Red James



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02 Apr 2022 18:50:58
Just though most of those minutes will be for Stoke lol.

Red James



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02 Apr 2022 18:49:46
He is 23rd in league with 214 mins per goal.

Red James



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23 Mar 2022 21:43:02
You don't really believe putin was voted in with a fair election do you lol.

Red James



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21 Mar 2022 17:26:39
I think its a bit unfair judging him against Liverpool I think mckenna and cook would of been less attacking facing Liverpool as well judge him in a back 3 against a championship side for comparison, I thought he did well being drafted in from the wilderness against one of the best attacking sides in the world.

Red James