04 Oct 2016 13:40:14
Hi Guys,

Only passing on what I heard yesterday, Brit has been traveling several times a week to London to have fluid drained from his knee (the original injury) and will be back no sooner that xmas at best.

Sorry to be bearer of bad news but that's what I was told, at least it would explain the long period of recovery for a hamstring.

1.) 04 Oct 2016
04 Oct 2016 16:16:03
Brit will pass more water from his knee travelling up and down the country!
Surely the talent at QMC can drain a knee?

2.) 04 Oct 2016
04 Oct 2016 16:53:08
Can we just get a local plumber in? I know a bloke who's good with drains. Cheaper than Bupa too.

3.) 04 Oct 2016
04 Oct 2016 17:39:33
I heard on Sat from a reliable source, 2 weeks!

4.) 04 Oct 2016
04 Oct 2016 19:21:29
He posted a pick up on insta showing a pair of boots with grass on them. hinting that he's back on the grass again.

5.) 04 Oct 2016
04 Oct 2016 20:05:17
Hope it kills the pain uptheforest.

6.) 04 Oct 2016
04 Oct 2016 20:26:14
I'm suspicious. He seems wrapped up in cotton wool. No pics of him in training or anywhere else. I reckon PM is putting up a smoke and mirrors job to keep everyone off his own back. Looks like Britt is in big trouble; makes sense to have Vellios and Bendtner to use. I'd be surprised to see Britt back before Xmas.

7.) 05 Oct 2016
05 Oct 2016 09:11:43
I think they are probably just keeping him safe until the January window. Having signed a nice new contract we can expect quite a few bob for him. I hope I'm wrong but I fear this will happen!

8.) 05 Oct 2016
05 Oct 2016 09:42:50
If Fawaz doesn't get an investor/ buyer before next season he will need to plug a gap by selling as there appears to be no more family investment likely. Therefore you can only deduce that to raise 10 to 12 million that will be needed to plug the gap Assombalonga will be gone possibly with Lansbury.

9.) 05 Oct 2016
05 Oct 2016 12:41:00
His knee will never be the same again. there is no miracle treatment for someone who has had such a bad knee injury. I'm speaking from experience unfortunately. It's all about managing it the best you can.

10.) 05 Oct 2016
05 Oct 2016 18:13:27
Here llboro mate. hope he's corgie Registered!

11.) 05 Oct 2016
05 Oct 2016 21:08:51
Britt won't be the same again, we should have sold him instead of Burke if there was anyone gullible enough to bid!

12.) 06 Oct 2016
06 Oct 2016 18:14:37
No one's going to buy Britt until he's proved his fitness. We may have just given a player 5 year contract that may hardly play again or be the shadow of his former self when he does. The only way we sell him is if he plays regularly and plays well. Conspiracy theorists are delusional if they think we're not playing him so he's fit to sell in January! If he's not playing no one will take the risk. We might get a cheeky £3m bid off some jokers but I doubt even Fawaz would accept that. Bottom line is he's potentially worth £15m or next to nothing. Time will tell.

13.) 07 Oct 2016
07 Oct 2016 01:50:28
NEP reports hamstring and then calf injuries have kept Britt out.

Mapperley Red's source must have water on the brain?

14.) 07 Oct 2016
07 Oct 2016 15:37:22
All Britt needs is some of those really tight DRAIN pipe Jeans!

15.) 08 Oct 2016
08 Oct 2016 16:28:08
You do know Britt is back training don't you?