11 Nov 2014 15:35:00
read in paper that forest are way out on the fifa fair play rules and could be hit with a 3 window transfer ban so that's january and all next season if its true : (

1.) 11 Nov 2014
I believe any Transfer Embargo is until Club has losses of less than £8m, however since this will be changing from Next Season I can't see how they can legally enforce it after the change (plus will then be £13m which I believe we're under). Plus the Embargo is that if we sell a player we can sign one as long as his wages are less than the outgoing player and within the a set limit that will have been imposed.

2.) 11 Nov 2014
Dont forget that there is a lot of players out of contract at the end of the season and if an embargo is underway we can replace these providing the new salaries are less. Of course we will be heading for the premiership plus the ground naming deal should be done and fawaz has promised an expanded city ground if we go up. SO its not all doom and gloom, keep the faih and support the boys.

3.) 11 Nov 2014
11 Nov 2014 20:14:32
Who's out of contract end of this season.
I expect Halford Collins Harding. Who else?

4.) 11 Nov 2014
If we are, so are a lot of other clubs! Fawaz will sort it!

5.) 11 Nov 2014
When Barcelona were hit with an embargo, they were given a window to spend as they pleased prior to the embargo taking hold. If we aren't given the same, we should fight it in court. Should buy some time to spend anyway as they couldn't enforce the embargo until the legal challenge has been resolved.

{Ed003's Note - These are not FIFA ffp they are The Championship ffp rules although as you know they have been amended from 2015/16. }

6.) 11 Nov 2014
The existing championship FFP framework will remain in place for the rest of this season 2014/15 & next season 2015/16.
At the beginning of the 2016/17 season the financial performance of championship clubs will be closely monitored over a 3 year period.
Within this period clubs will be able to make a loss of 15mill without having to explain how that loss will be funded.
In addition to this clubs will be able to lose more than 15mill but no more than 39mill, but will be subject to additional regulations if they do so.
Such as detailed forecasting on accounts for the 2 seasons ahead.
They are the basics, then it starts to get complicated, like promotion/relegation within that 3yr period.

The current championship FFP are a joke & are completely out of touch with the reality of financial loss clubs incur, not necessarily through spending but because thier income simply doesn't't cover thier losses.
Qpr were facing a £60mill fine last season through blatant flaunting of the FFP, what would of happened if they hadn't been promoted ?
I'm thinking nothing, too many loopholes.
Faulkner said his first job as Forest CEO would be to write the FA for clarification on the fundamentals of FFP in the championship, which in his words were about as clear of mud.

I don't think we have too much to worry about;
the reporter should stick to what he's paid for reporting on the football match, although I think he mentioned we won 2-1 at the end of the article.

7.) 11 Nov 2014
Cough cough it's 2016/17 ed.

{Ed003's Note - There is a change from next season(15/16) that allows losses of up to £13m - you really should get something for that cough awful bugs going around at this time of year.}

8.) 12 Nov 2014
I stand corrected ed, the increase is during the transitional period.
Although it makes you wonder why the FA don't start the new FFP infrastructure next season.
To say the new FFP will start 2016/17 season,
but then increase it to 13mill from 6mill the srason before is a bit strange.

9.) 12 Nov 2014
Under the embargo we can still ad free agents to our squad providing there salary doesn't exceed 10k a week. i think you are allowed a squad of 24 or 25 players over 21 (u21's don't count as there youth and they want more youth coming through) I think we have 22 or 23 over 21's so we can still ad 1 or 2 players providing there's no fee and there wages aren't over 10k per week. that's if I heard right on radio nottingham on sat. we can also sell one and bring one in during the embargoes. we will no more in jan.

10.) 13 Nov 2014
Stop buying/loaning overated, overpriced injured/semi fit players that produce very little. by all means pay good money for really up coming talent like we have recently, but for gods sake i wish we would stop having our pants pulled down several times a year with obvious injury prone players. i dread to think how much money is sat in the treatment room. . AGAIN!!

11.) 13 Nov 2014
Do we will really need extras in the squad in the next 2 years if we stay in the championship ?
1. We can have a squad of 25 - one leaves then we can get another player but pay him a miserable £10000 a week surely not enough to live on!
2. As I understand it we can bring in players under the age of 21
3. Not sure about loans
4. Simple answer to get into the premier league this season

12.) 16 Nov 2014
73 unbelivable i really did read it in the paper lol