15 Dec 2014 11:12:44
on The Beeb: Forest, Leeds & Blackburn all handed transfer embargoes for the rest of the season for breaching FFP Rules. :- (

1.) 15 Dec 2014
Though we can still bring in 2 players as long as no fee and for under £10,000 a week. Or if we sell a player can use 75% of his fee to buy a player.

2.) 15 Dec 2014
We really really really need to sell abdoun now £5m anyone. What bout Collins? got to be worth at least £1. 50???

3.) 15 Dec 2014
Offloading Lansbury to buy a creative midfielder should now be the priority.

4.) 15 Dec 2014
I have seen this other sites but my question is - where is the information of our official website?. I have moaned about out of date news on the site before and now we have an important issue and NOTHING. The site is an absolute disgrace and whoever is responsible for updating it needs either a rocket up the backside or sacking (or both). Communication is the key ingredient for any business and NFFC is no exception. Rant over COYR

5.) 15 Dec 2014
SP took over an absolute shambles by all accounts, and has taken it upon himself to rebuild the club personally. i'm ITK and have it on good authority the website is on the list. One below "more water in the lager" and one above "winning football matches".

6.) 15 Dec 2014
Pedroalicante - no updates on Leeds or Blackburn sites either. Maybe the clubs are considering their position before making a public statement. You know, like professionally run businesses do??

I am sure the absence of an update has nothing to do with the person/ people that manage the website.

So please keep your rants to yourself!

{Ed001's Note - actually the club don't run the sites, they are farmed out to a company owned by the Football League. I think there are 86 club sites they maintain, certainly there were 86 under their umbrella a couple of years back. Hence why they all look the same, but with different colours, and are all so poorly run. It was called Football League Interactive, though they could well have changed name since I last heard.}

7.) 15 Dec 2014
The content of the sites is managed by the clubs and their comms departments - and they have access to publish information.

It is true that the clubs don't own the site infrastructure (which I agree isn't particularly good) but that makes no difference to whether we can get a message live in 3 hours.

The reason that there is no update on the site, is because the club have chosen not to comment yet - and why should they?

{Ed001's Note - perhaps because it is good business practice to communicate with your paying customers? And yes it can make a difference because one of the issues with them has always been the lack of speed with which updates can be added. It must have changed if the clubs are now managing them, as they were always managed by the websites themselves in the past. Hence why press releases are in the public domain long before the sites get updated with the same info, as it is waiting on the FLI to get round to it on many occasions.}

8.) 15 Dec 2014
NFFCDave you have it a little bit wrong mate well can sell a player but we can't pay a fee for a replacement but we can use 75% of his wage to pay the new player aslong as its under 600k all in.

9.) 15 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014 17:59:18
I hope SP will be very cautious, and the club take advice and think hard before buying anyone else. By all means sell Lansbury, Abdoun, Collins, but I'd rather tread water for the rest of the season, give chances to our young talent, and get the club on to a really sound financial footing, so that we make sure roots and branches are clear and any omnishambles disappears for good. I'd like to be a fly on the wall at QPR when they reveal what is to happen to them and Happy-go-lucky Harry.

10.) 15 Dec 2014
If we obtain two players in the January window (I believe that we don't need any more than that with the squad we have got) then the embargo won't hurt us too badly. We have several players who won't be having their contract renewed in the summer and of course we can replace them under the one out one in rule if the embargo continues.

11.) 16 Dec 2014
Im sure there is a reason but as fawaz is our shirt sponsor why couldn't he have made the shirt sponsor worth say 50 million and stopped all this as its classed as income seems to simple so i'm sure there must be rule or regulation in place

12.) 16 Dec 2014
I think the owner is restricted to a £5 million cash injection. W just have to be cute. I'm sure there are plans afoot.
Lets face it we've some really good players in for very little money already this season.
Think its case of watch this space.

{Ed001's Note - £5m last season, £3m this.}

13.) 16 Dec 2014
As dazza said there may be other things on the go as the ground naming rumour has gone quite. This could bring in mega bucks.

14.) 16 Dec 2014
Response to Tricky1972. Like ED says it is good business practice. Even if the statement was simply about the embargo and that the ramifications were being looked into and considered. Any assurances they could make at this stage regarding minimising any future negatives would have been welcomed. I guess you must be into Mushroom Management, Tricky 1972, "keep em in the dark". Oh and rants will continue at mine and Ed's discretion

15.) 16 Dec 2014
Pedroalicante If you really think a rant demanding the sacking of an employee in the clubs admin department was what was called for, then I won't engage you further in question of professional management!