29 Sep 2017 10:14:13
As much as I hope warbo turns it around because some of our football as been good. And I don't want a manager merry go round.
I think he's got 2 games to save his job.

Everyone knew we needed a couple of defenders of quality in. He's only spent 7m
Of britts money. But didn't fix defence. His other signings do look good but our defence shocking. Baffles me why licha ant had a chance. For me our defence should be licha Manchienne Hobbs if fit worrell if not troare.

We've also missed Vaughen holding.
Warbo also needs to just play brereton as impact sub when Murphy tires. Then play natural wingers.

1.) 29 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017 12:41:57
Couldn't agree more, the club were too focussed on getting players in that complimented MW style of play offensively and completely forgot about the defence. Why Carayol doesn't start ahead of Brereton is beyond me. A natural winger who has the ability to supply crosses to Murphy all day long as apposed to Brereton who always looks lost and completely ineffective on the wing. Come on Warbo, don't be stubborn!

2.) 29 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017 13:13:36
So basically you are saying because Warbo could not land his defensive targets in the summer as they either decided to stay put or move elswhere and Vaughan is injured he has 2 games to save his job?


This is a long term recovery plan that will take more than one transfer window to sort out? Changing managers is the last thing this club needs this season so we will all just have to dig in and grin and bear it with the resources we have!

3.) 29 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017 13:30:06
Well said red I just can't believe some fans want to change manager again not to mention the fact the management team who would go with Warburton after some great signings it's like some fans expect us to actually be challenging for top 6 this season it was never in anybodies plans to do that we need at least a season plus to get the team to gel to bring in more of the right players and to get this club as a whole back on track

4.) 29 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017 13:46:37
Who's said anything about wanting to change managers? I think the original post says I hope Warbo turns it around.

5.) 29 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017 13:53:29
I'm on about in general on this site gazza

6.) 29 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017 14:32:21
Thank you garza red. I do hope he turns it round. He's only going to do that by playing his best defence and licha is best right back.
I think the owner will be looking at next 2 games.
I would personally give him till December to see where we are. If mid table I'd stick with him and sign a couple defenders. Of quality