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Team: Nottingham Forest

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Favourite player: Ian Storey-Moore

Best team moment: 3-7 v Leeds sitting in the East Stand laughing at the locals & Warnock

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09 Feb 2019 12:48:40
Today's clash with Brentford will tell us whether Martin and Roy are going to hit the ground running and keep us in contention.

The team set up as much as the selections will be key. Brentford hammered Blackburn who tweaked their 4-4-2 system to 4-1-4 -1 and still got over - run in midfield and out wide.

4-2-3-1 has served us well against the better teams and bearing in mind our problems at centre back gives us a better platform today than 4-3-3 which would be a very brave call.

Yacoub needs to be in to provide protection in front of the back 4, Carvalho to keep us on the front foot, no fudging with Benny at left back and plenty of legs in midfield?

Heart hopes a Forest win but head says 3-3 with a patched up defence?



1.) 09 Feb 2019 13:26:33
We won't score 3. 1-3 Brentford.๐Ÿ˜

2.) 09 Feb 2019 17:41:25
Scouse me duck,we won oh ye of little faith.
Martin is learning about the squad he inherited and took what redinexile said on board,then ignored it and won the game.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

3.) 09 Feb 2019 18:09:22
I am and yet to be convinced. 31% possession at home and you want entertainment?

4.) 09 Feb 2019 18:15:12
So no Jacob, Benny at left back and no Carvalho! Bingo! 2-1.

If Grabban hadnt missed so many penalties we'd be in the play-offs now.

Just saying.

5.) 09 Feb 2019 18:37:14
If we hadn't 'changed' managers we would be too. Frustrating because those lost points are going to cost us.

6.) 09 Feb 2019 18:42:01
Its called a learning process Scouse,
He's inherited a top heay squad of under achievers with ill disisipline if you had watched and not looked at the possession stats you would see we defended really well and could and should have scored more.
He's learning and will sort this lot out.
Rome wasn't built in a day,you'll enjoy soon my friend,its just Martin's pre season.
Be a lot of outgoing come the summer.
But he's giving every one a chance to prove they are worth the privilege of wearing the shirt.
50% win rate after four games

7.) 09 Feb 2019 18:46:59
Finished article by April then? Boro at home my next chance for some entertainment.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

8.) 09 Feb 2019 18:39:22
Well done Martin, Roy and the team for getting us back on track. Good to see the tried and tested system against one of the better teams. Should have had my 3 goals but really pleased the head was over-ruled by the heart today.

Just goes to show having picked different personnel in key areas of the park the "Victor crap" list is perhaps not as long as he makes out?

Onward & Upward

PS And yes I was wearing them today during the game whilst out and about!


9.) 09 Feb 2019 19:30:49
I know it was windy today but redinexile is a total blow job.
So you weren't wearing the lucky red ones last week then?
I'd say keep em on,they are undefeated after all .๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

10.) 09 Feb 2019 19:32:54
Fickle fans eh? Make your minds up are they all dross to clear out or a competitive squad needing a 'better' manager to get the best out of them?

11.) 09 Feb 2019 19:36:06
ScouseRed? Hahahahaha. You're making yorself look rather silly mate.

Krankie was getting it wrong. Yates was a much better option today that Carvalho. MON is the man!

Give the boss some credit.

12.) 09 Feb 2019 19:36:43
Well done the management team. Mr motivator and the professor are winners!

Long live King Martin!

13.) 09 Feb 2019 19:39:37
The lost pts that we lost under karanka by drawing all the time lol your statement makes no sense scousered

14.) 09 Feb 2019 20:14:58
From Ipswich to when he was walking. Those points.๐Ÿ˜

15.) 09 Feb 2019 20:40:36
Karanka has gone and won't get another job in this country,get over it

16.) 09 Feb 2019 21:22:08
Again, missing the point. The change is the problem, not who was in charge or any dislike of MON (as if). The opportunity of top 6 became even more difficult with the timing of the upheaval at the club. If we are galvanised by MON/RK and achieve a top 6 finish, I will be as ecstatic as every Forest fan. I just have a nagging doubt that we've shot ourselves in the foot. Give me 3 or 4 wins on the bounce and my faith in the owners will be restored. Top 6 at the end of the season and the change was the right decision, anything less and we'll never know if it was a bad one.

17.) 09 Feb 2019 22:18:38
Scouse we were never going up with this squad,its just quantity.
Martin has tried different personell and tactics,today I think he got it right,sometimes not pretty,but we looked strong defensively and when we attacked we did so with purpose.
THE owners have paid a lot of money for something that is nothing more than a brand and is worth absolutely nothing.
We have to be grateful that they have spent silly money buying nothing and then spent millions on players,the one thing they haven't got right was appointing the right manager,personally think they have now.
I've enjoyed my day,couldn't give a toss what the stats say other than forest 2 Brentford 1.
I also said I don't believe in bogey teams and I was confident enough to pre order the bottle of red for my journey home on the train.
Happy day all round๐Ÿท๐Ÿท๐Ÿท

18.) 09 Feb 2019 22:48:56
I'll drink to that ๐Ÿ‘. Agree, promoted no but top 6 in an average year was achievable and is still possible. For the record, you can shove your possession and 'controlling the game' bs, a win is a win and I'll take the 3 points everyday. FTID.

19.) 09 Feb 2019 23:28:23
Victor You order a bottle of red win lose or draw which is why you are all over the place with your pronouncements! ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ
Get well soon?

20.) 09 Feb 2019 23:32:28
Victor is setting himself up for a bit of bare arsing when AK comes back to haunt him? ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿšฝ

21.) 10 Feb 2019 01:01:58
Wins a win,not pretty but who really cares,nice 3 points ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸผFf79 thought it would be a bottle of Rose to go with those new glasses youโ€™ve been wearing last few weeks?
Through a straw obviously as those hands must be sore from all that happy clapping ๐Ÿ˜‚ enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

22.) 10 Feb 2019 02:49:32
Don't think you're off the hook Redinexile. Your Opening post was a load of nonsense bud. Just saying again :P

23.) 10 Feb 2019 11:37:10
I see RIE can not let AK go, he has had a go at others for the same thing, then turns around mentions his idol once again.

24.) 11 Feb 2019 22:35:36
LC when are you going to grow out of short trousers and learn to read?๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ



03 Feb 2019 13:22:14
Brentford up next. If we play 4-4-2 against them and no Carvalho then we will be on the wrong end of a hiding. as they will just play through our lines.

We will have to match them up and get our high tempo passing and closing game going and make sure we take our chances?

Martin and Roy need to get this one right!



1.) 03 Feb 2019 14:38:59
Another defeat I'm afraid. They looked lost when Smith went to Villa but are back playing the football we can't deal with. Happy to be proven wrong but not expecting to be.๐Ÿ˜

2.) 03 Feb 2019 20:16:52
Yes scouse another defeat lol doom and gloom Iโ€™m afraid doom and gloom no different to what we would of expected off the last man who done a runner ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

3.) 03 Feb 2019 21:04:30
Better phone the city ground quick then red,best get the tactics right.๐Ÿค”

4.) 03 Feb 2019 22:31:53
I know letโ€™s play the krankie way run forest run ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ lol

5.) 03 Feb 2019 22:47:52
Well you're the one that believed in miracles at Brum? So all I'm doing is trying to do is to state reality in the hope the penny drops and you do not revert to Victor Meldrew anytime soon!๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚

6.) 04 Feb 2019 09:51:41
There seems to be a lot more victor meldrews on here at the minute red itโ€™s like reading dear Deidre ie example. Dear Deidre 3 weeks ago the love of my life left me i woke up and he done one . Hi have a new man called Martin in my life now itโ€™s early days but I just canโ€™t see it being the same should I give him a chance . Deidries reply the bloke done one get over your self and get over that waste of space and give the new bloke a chance lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

7.) 04 Feb 2019 15:20:00
ooh the irony and hypocrisy of some on here, I'm sure people just forget what they said when we had Karanka come in, so funny.

8.) 04 Feb 2019 17:32:00
Skegs. .just like a Mills and Boon novel๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

9.) 04 Feb 2019 20:05:52
Well statetheobvios,you can't be accused of irony or hypocrisy,as you don't actually post a topic in the first place?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Just saying

10.) 05 Feb 2019 07:16:27
Most people want to give the new management team a chance. Sadly though it's 20 years too late in my opinion. Another hero(s) who will become a zero(s) aka SP. Hopefully they'll totally prove me wrong!

11.) 05 Feb 2019 14:26:11
Red dog Pearce as never been a zero in my book he still lives and breathes forest till this day he tried management and failed but will always be a forest legend as Martin will be fail or not



02 Feb 2019 21:24:13
Have a little more faith!

When the going gets tough the tough get going!

We've had wretched luck with our centre backs and without a settled pairing you cannot expect consistency.

The successful teams have a settled pattern of play Martins problem is trying to make changes in formation whilst shuffling defenders.

We have got some quality replacements in to take us forward

We can afford to lose one win one for a few games to get it right and then we need a strong finish as this season is going to the wire!


1.) 02 Feb 2019 22:11:42
Well said red,much better than your Shakespeare.
To be honest I wouldn't want the responsibility of trying to shuffle that lot at the back.
Sir Brian always said build from the back,we just seem to be signing anyone in that department as long as they are free.

2.) 03 Feb 2019 02:16:41
RIE when you say we have some quality replacements what do you base that on? To me they look like a couple of freebies that were available because we havenโ€™t got or didnโ€™t want to spend any money.

3.) 03 Feb 2019 06:13:32
Good post red

4.) 03 Feb 2019 09:06:16
Have a little faith in what red? As it stands now tell me anything thatโ€™s any different from the repeat cycles of recent times.? Dreadful luck with injuries and bizarre signings of foreign freebies. Has beens and never will beโ€™s. Weโ€™ve even gone down the doughty route of letting contracts run down when we could of got money for them, by that I genuinely canโ€™t see Osborn resigning in the summer, for that reason we shouldโ€™ve cashed in. O Neil gets my full backing but the club overall seems to cover the same old ground over and over again. Our back four is woeful. Bonatini is a signing with potential though.

5.) 03 Feb 2019 10:36:05
The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different outcome.

6.) 03 Feb 2019 11:48:55
For sure Chim - couldnโ€™t agree more .

7.) 03 Feb 2019 12:22:32
The definition of madness is believing that we will get to the promised land with this bunch of loanees, out of contract players who have tie to the club and nom desire to see it succeed

8.) 03 Feb 2019 17:32:48
When the going gets tough,
The tough get going?
But we ainโ€™t tough so we wonโ€™t get going.
The only place that we will be going is down the table.

9.) 03 Feb 2019 20:27:44
"I've got something to tell you. I've got something to say".Roy Keane at training tomorrow!

10.) 04 Feb 2019 03:49:10
Should gave krankie till the end of the season then got oneal in that way he'd have had a full preseason to prep the team

11.) 04 Feb 2019 14:32:22
Dan, he has longer to prep the team for next season if he is here now! Krankie wasn't taking us up this season so the owners gave O'Neil longer. Surely that is obvious?



27 Jan 2019 20:44:33
So YaYa is being touted after aborting his Greek holiday?

Haha this smacks of groundhog day and George Boateng and players well past their sell by date?

Just not what we need for team and club unity!

Jog on over to China me ode China? ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’.


1.) 28 Jan 2019 11:04:51
Hope it doesn't happen.

2.) 28 Jan 2019 14:39:38
If he is fit he is a good player but why don't Olympiocas want him?



23 Jan 2019 11:08:29
Key targets to bag this month:
McClean or Bolasie


1.) 23 Jan 2019 11:29:06
Not for me red two injury prone players in mings and pope
We need another striker,not that bothered about a keeper after seeing pants coming off his line against BC and we've got Steele as well.

2.) 23 Jan 2019 11:46:39
I'd like to know what the new goalkeeping coach was saying to Pants prior to Bristol kick off as it clearly worked.

3.) 23 Jan 2019 13:10:17
Sgetty. After watchin him produce a proper gk display for the first time, it proves that it was AKs tactics to time waste and not the keepers decision.
I hope it continues.

4.) 23 Jan 2019 15:11:23
I just wonder how many more changing faces and trousers we will get in support of Big Pants now "The Oracle" has decided he's not half bad after all?
If The Pants Fit then we can save the money and buy you a striker!๐Ÿ˜Š

5.) 23 Jan 2019 15:36:16
Lol red,either it was a one off or karanka was a crap coach,I'll let you know how he plays against Wigan.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

6.) 23 Jan 2019 15:51:59
Powell should be top of the list.

7.) 23 Jan 2019 16:29:45
RIE, Bolasie is rumoured to be on ยฃ80k per week. How much are you willing to pay of his wages? Certain people are already writing off this season, our cloth needs to be cut accordingly. I don't expect any signings to excite me this month. Also find it strange that up until Ipswich, our 'crap squad' was competing.

Cue Karanka-gate ( strop, interference, rows with senior players - whatever ). Now we have a new manager, need to change the squad, system, plan for next year, bring the youth through etc, etc. Fans from the outside can't believe we've pressed the self-destruct button, in their eyes. I pray I don't see it with my own. FTID.

8.) 23 Jan 2019 17:03:48
Scouse the wins were always sporadic mate,away I've seen us play some good stuff,but even then you have to be honest and ask why did we lose a 2 goal lead at villa and 3 goal lead at Norwich?
This was before the defensive crisis and the disappointment was that krankie was supposed to run a tight ship at the back,it was always hit and miss and some dreadful dross was dished out at home. figs Dawson Byrom Murphy have all had too many injuries.
Our discipline has been disgracefull as we aren't a dirty team,just too much arguing and time wasting.
Karanka would not of got us promoted with these problems and not winning enough games,he knew that and played up and walked.
I'd suggest those that from the outside should have tried watching us and look at the stats 9 wins with 20 games left we wouldn't have picked up anymore than five or six more from those games,so top six could not have been achieved

9.) 23 Jan 2019 17:45:08
MON has yet to see Ansifarad, Gomis or Appiah on the pitch. I doubt the owner or he want another striker yet. There isn't enough time in this window to do much. I'd say defence was the big priority.

10.) 23 Jan 2019 17:47:24
Nor will it now or in the foreseeable future? 7th and 4 points off top 6. Press that button and now we'll never know. A song by Orange Juice springs to mind 'Rip It Up (and start again)'. Or a twist on the old work saying ' You don't have to be mad to support Forest but it helps'? Is there a secret society of sadomasochists amongst us? All I get asked is 'what's happened to Forest, you were doing alright?' You know what, I haven't a bloody clue, I just want a Forest to be proud of. ๐Ÿ‘ FTID.

11.) 24 Jan 2019 09:31:04
Byram has only had one injury for us come on ๐Ÿ˜‚




Redinexile's banter posts with other poster's replies to Redinexile's banter posts


16 Feb 2019 20:35:34
Good solid all round performance today and other than two smart stops from Pants never looked in trouble.

Milosevic is an absolute find and is one of the best in this division. Looking forward to seeing him with Figs when fit.

Lolleys goal should have stood. The keeper parried away before Yates came in and had every right to challenge for the ball. Preston fans around me thought it was a fair goal.

Onward and Upwards.


1.) 16 Feb 2019 20:54:52
Got to agree Milosevic is the best I've seen for years at centre back,tall mobile heads everything and reads the game well.
Pants is a different keeper under Martin, all the stupid trying to pass to the wingers from goalkicks is a thing of the past,he actually comes off his line now as well.

Agree the goal should have stood, but it's good to see the players keeping their composure and just getting on with it.
No bookings a bonus

2.) 16 Feb 2019 22:08:41
Last 2 games have been disappointing. Should've won at least one of not 2. We've been the better side but could put neither matches to bed irrespective of referring decisions.

3.) 16 Feb 2019 22:35:02
Well your hard to please, what's disappointing?
Bet you would have taken a point before both games?
What else could the team have done in both games? other than give 100% which they did, the WBA game was put to bed my friend until the ref decided differently.

4.) 16 Feb 2019 23:02:41
No wind conditions today and Pants can kick the ball from his hands and test the keeper at the other end!
A little flutter on him scoring at the right end or one of the forwards getting one touch on route one goal?
Unbeaten red pants in attendance again today!๐Ÿ˜



16 Feb 2019 08:50:21
Are we Believers, Realists or Fatalists?

The season starts now so it's Make Your Mind Up Time. No distraction of style of play, manager and squad quality, results, player preference and what might have been!

Martin and Roy have added a different dimension, and promotion is in our hands,
So here is my take on the Championship competition.

Leeds - Good coach over performing on a limited squad. Less points than before. No automatic, play off failure.

Norwich- Good coach a team he has moulded over 2 seasons. Learnt how to win and look nailed on.

Sheff Utd - Local hero good coach. Following in Warnock's recipe to do a Cardiff unless they lose key players.

WBA - Local rookie manager. Best squad on paper . Last season failing evident playing good teams. 50:50 promotion when under pressure.

Bristol City - Local owner backed the club and good manager. Depth of average squad could fall short.

Middlesbrough - Smoke and Mirrors. Local owner . Limited funds fails to land summer targets. Struggling to score due to Pulis tactics. Strong defence now ravaged by injuries. Pulis strategy in tatters .

Derby County - The media luvvies. Rookie manager young loanee's papering over the cracks of a failed squad. Mixed results against top teams. History says no promotion over 46 games.

Birmingham- Running on a shoestring. Team and manager punching above their weight. Dependent on their front line. Likely to fall away.

Aston Villa - On paper automatic promotion except individuals not playing as a team and cannot defend, plus change with new manager. Still on the blocks with Forest to see if they can kick on

Hull City - Asset stripped and running on adrenalin. Average manager punching above weight.

Swansea - Ownership and ethos model that got them promotion has been broken. In transition

Preston - Great community club with realistic expectations but will fall short.
Blackburn - Promotion adrenalin on the wane, carried by Dack and Mogger has builtM his team around him.

The Rest - Out of it

So, guys by my reckoning 5 places up for grabs and only a couple of teams that look like staying the course.

We have a strong owner backing a local manager and a squad that wins big games and spirit to go on a good run to the end of the season.

Are the fans going to really get behind the team and believe or are the "nay sayers" going to transmit their negativity and give the team an excuse?

So where do you all stand?



1.) 16 Feb 2019 09:10:26
Good post red , but I think we will just miss out. The games games I listed before :
Preston H
Bristol City H
Reading A
Norwich A
Milwall A
All should have yielded a further 10 points . Think we will just miss out to be honest . Big ask for us to string several b2b wins together - not impossible but a big task .

2.) 16 Feb 2019 09:14:18
Won't be pretty football but I think we can sneak 6th.

Hopefully West Brom finish 3rd there by giving us a chance to repay them for their cheating by beating them.

Utopia Boro in the final as we have their measure already.

I honestly believe we can do it

3.) 16 Feb 2019 09:17:39
Our away form needs to pick up to get in the playoffs.when you look at it,it is one reason why we aren't there.
Norwich H63% A47%
Leeds H60% A50%
Sheff u H60% A 44%
WBA H47% A53%
Boro H40% A47%
Bristol H40% A53%
Derby H53% A40%
Brum H40% A31%
Forest H50% A20%
While our home win rate is as good or better than some,we have by far the worst win rate away.
How the villa,WBA,Leeds and Norwich games have cost us.
Start winning a few away and keep up the home form and who knows in this league.
Let's start today against one of the form sides.๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿท

4.) 16 Feb 2019 09:52:10
FF79, those games have cost us but surely not as winnable as Preston H, QPR H, Bristol City H, Reading A . Weโ€™ve surely dropped 10 points there alone.

5.) 16 Feb 2019 09:53:23
Munmad, too right mate, I thought the same - how sweet that revenge would be .

6.) 16 Feb 2019 11:23:26
Excellent post Red In Exile,I have been thinking along the same lines.Very likely one of current top 6 will drop out,Bristol or Boro for reasons you gave.Making sure draws are turned into victories,nicking a few more away points will see us there or thereabouts.



14 Feb 2019 23:16:25
The FA and EFL need to urgently review the sanction for retrospective simulation or blatant cheating in the light of Roofe and now Gayle as ignoring blatant errors and banning the player after the event that changes the result of a game is not the answer and unfair to Forest and other teams affected.

Gayle will get a ban which does not right the wrong for Forest in fact it punishes us even more as WBA will be without him against our rivals which gives them an advantage over us. With VAR coming in the situation could get worse with more retrospective reviews.

For me the solution is simple. In the situation where the act leads to the offending team directly scoring a goal whilst the ball was in play after the incident and they gain points as a result of the offence the sanction is deduction of points gained unless they win by two clear goals in which case, they get deducted 2 points.

The innocent team get the points they would have got as result of the unfair goal been chalked off.

The offending player does not get banned but gets an orange card and a hefty fine and after 3 offences in a season gets a 6-game ban.

The onus should be on the clubs and fellow players being punished for their cheater not the individual as this would sort this cheating nonsense out overnight if it was costing clubs prize money and their team mate losing win bonuses?

Fans are also getting short changed with all this cheating and should be making their voices heard.

Fans should also lobby for time keeping taken out of the refs' hands and calculated by the time the balls in play. The excuse for not doing this is TV schedules not over running.

If TV companies told clubs, they would not televise them if they ran overtime and pulled the plug on the first few games whilst the clubs got their act together, after all the viewers complaints this form of cheating would also get sorted PDQ?

Just need someone at the top to show some leadership and get these professional cheats sorted!


1.) 15 Feb 2019 05:09:18
As much as it annoys me that we drew a game we would have won when we played West Brom when Gayle dived to earn them a penalty that they should never had, and although i agree that when there is no doubt a player has dived that gains his team a point, or points they should not get the team that loses a point, or points should get it, or them back.

I however fear all the posters protesting, each trying to out do the next as how far to go to punish the player, the club or both are being going over the top.

Should we by some quirk of luck get into the play offs, and get into the final of the play offs and one of our players were to do what Gayle did in order to get a penalty that got put away, and that won us promotion, Not One of Us would be Moaning that the game should be played again, or any Punishment be handed out to anyone, be it the player, or the club.

2.) 15 Feb 2019 06:53:59
For me cheating is abhorrent,whether it be an opposing player,or one of our own. I personally do not like to see it. The only way,as far as I can see, to stamp it out would be a points deduction. Then not only the offending player is sanctioned ,but so are his team mates,club and the fans.That would be a heavy burden for a cheat to bare and rightly so. Perhaps then he would think twice about taking a dive for the greater good!

3.) 15 Feb 2019 08:47:07
Maybe I'm wrong here, but aren't all the rules organised by EUFA? International football regulated by FIFA? If that is the case there's little we can do? Any help here Eds?

{Ed001's Note - FIFA regulates the laws of the game, but UEFA and the FA can make their own small changes in some aspects in their own competitions.}



12 Feb 2019 22:01:23
We was robbed!

Absolutely diabolic refereeing by a Premiership ref Mason.

Well played lads especially Ryan.

Cannot remember when we last had two centre halves that won every header and could play the ball out from the back. Looking like a great piece of business!



1.) 12 Feb 2019 22:08:31
Gayle should be done for simulation

2.) 12 Feb 2019 22:08:57
Heard the commentary why Iโ€™m working red defence sounded best all season and Yates sounded really good and by the sounds of it robbed

3.) 12 Feb 2019 22:17:24
Spot on red,Milosevic looks class at this level and we looked Solid as a unit,just the blemish of Watson making a mistake for the first,but should have been three points other than the ref.

4.) 12 Feb 2019 22:21:46
Why did the game even merit a prem ref? They can't wait to steal the show and give a pen or red card.

5.) 12 Feb 2019 22:24:14
Itโ€™s fair to say that we have had some shocking refereeing decisions this year which will ultimately cost us a play off place, tonight, Leeds hand ball and Norwich 98 minuets of play. Great play tonight and the new defenders look like a great bit of business.

6.) 12 Feb 2019 22:28:20
Canโ€™t believe how an official can get 2 major decisions wrong an game defining ones aswell, thought the players were fantastic Iโ€™ve been saying Yates should of been in from the start of the season it was obvious that he was ready to step up an what a signing Milosevic as been also loved Oโ€™Neil an Keanes enthusiasm in the way they were on the touch line applauding what the team were doing like when grabban bought the ball down an got fouled but got nothing - canโ€™t fault any of the players for that performance tonight

7.) 12 Feb 2019 22:43:58
At the risk of repeating myself refs are now being given far to much protection to the point of making ridiculous decisions and they are not being made accountable for bad decisions. The forth official is a waste of space and let's face it is only there to observe what the managers say and do

8.) 12 Feb 2019 22:47:56
West Brom got lucky with the first goal, the pen never was, we should of had a pen but Lolley too honest staying on his feet.

Forest starting to look a bit tougher to beat, for me Yates should play instead of Carvalho so justified decision by mon, I thought Colback playing a Bit higher up the pitch worked. If I could change anything about forest at the minute, it would be for them to be a little bit more confident and creative in the final third. Hopefully that will come then we really will have team to be exited about.

9.) 12 Feb 2019 22:53:04
Unless the forth official is at the city ground and they suddenly come alive and we get two players sent off by them,quite rightly I may add,but on the whole they get paid for holding up a lit sign and watching that the manager doesn't come out his technical area.
As much use as a chocolate tea pot.

10.) 12 Feb 2019 23:18:15
Watson out yacob in. Next game.



12 Feb 2019 20:57:38
Good balance in the team set-up and selection tonight. Outdoing them tactically in midfield stopping the supply to the strikers.

Just need to be a bit slicker with the passing on the break second half as they are open at the back.

Same again with another early goal please!






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15 Feb 2019 08:44:49
Preston 1 v Forest 3





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13 Feb 2019 22:26:13
Just realised my grammar has gone walkabouts!๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฃ




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13 Feb 2019 18:25:13
Realist , That's not very good Spanish, how's you're English? ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„




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12 Feb 2019 14:04:21
RC please do not ride without your bike clips and making a messing on the pavements and road with your bull!




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12 Feb 2019 14:03:31
Don't need to eat humble pie mate I opened the shop remember?

Why is it you never read posts properly before spouting nonsense ? Where is the bit about DOOMED when I posted win or draw?

I'm posting you some bike clips to stop all your bull running down your leg๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ





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16 Feb 2019 23:05:29
Well reported Motty! Spot on.




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16 Feb 2019 23:02:41
No wind conditions today and Pants can kick the ball from his hands and test the keeper at the other end!
A little flutter on him scoring at the right end or one of the forwards getting one touch on route one goal?
Unbeaten red pants in attendance again today!๐Ÿ˜




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16 Feb 2019 19:58:21
Not exactly 4-4-2 more a diamond 4-3-1-2 converting to 4-3-3. The main change is we are defending much higher up the pitch and breaking up play either side of the half way line which gives us better control of the game than defending deep!




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15 Feb 2019 18:19:24
The answer to your paranoia over Forest bias is in the song "We hate Nottingham Forest..."
Take is as a compliment as most teams in this division envy our great club!
Stop being so insecure and keep the faith. ๐Ÿ˜




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13 Feb 2019 22:23:31
Nice to see the away form back on song with the newbies fitting in well and Yates providing the driving force in midfield. Hope he can maintain his form as he adds something different to the rest. As Keano takes him under his wing the lad has the best mentor he could wish for.

Onward & Upward