11 May 2022 21:53:13
Can I just say how the under 18s did Forest proud! They were on top most of the game . However we were undone yet again by a very poor officials decision to award a penalty to United! Both the MUTV reporters said it wasn't and was outside the box and TV clearly showed this. What is it about officials and our famous club? SC saw it and must be furious . I would have bet Forest scoring a winning goal . Although not a penalty, yet again playing the ball out from the back, just as it happens the United players were but we were called out but it was clearly not a penalty.

1.) 12 May 2022
12 May 2022 00:10:13
To right doc. As usual the useless referees/linesmen were our undoing and it changed the whole game once again. I thought the youngsters did very well indeed and there are several gems in that side.

2.) 12 May 2022
12 May 2022 07:30:16
All refs are useless these days, we’d be better off playing without one! Bring back roger milford 😂.

3.) 12 May 2022
12 May 2022 10:00:31
Wow yes i remember that clown.