19 Mar 2014 15:38:05
Reid out 3 weeks hamstring tare massive loss REDMAN

1.) 19 Mar 2014
The rest have to up their game. simples

2.) 19 Mar 2014
After this devastating news I now feel by the time he returns along with a few others, our season will be over.

3.) 19 Mar 2014
Here endeth any prayer of making the play offs. More bad luck, let's not make any rash decisions Fawaz.

4.) 19 Mar 2014
Irreplaceable. Unless we go into loan market?!

5.) 19 Mar 2014
Bad news it's almost as if this season is cursed. i'd like to stay positive though because we can still put a decent attacking team out. This is where billy really earns his corn now because he has to get them up for it, no messing around with a defender up top now ready is out. what a Time to play derby.

6.) 19 Mar 2014
Darlow, Jara, Collins, Lascelles, fox, greening, radi, abdoun, pato, henderson, mackie. I think Cox needs to start on the bench and get some hunger back as he is out of sorts at the minute. Hope for a surprise on the bench against derby (Kelvin Wilson on the bench would be nice).

7.) 19 Mar 2014
When will it end?
Forest Dane

8.) 19 Mar 2014
Hopefully this will be a smokescreen and he will lead us out on Saturday - Billy playing mind games again (wishful thnking!)

9.) 19 Mar 2014
Season over! probably won't make top 10 now

10.) 19 Mar 2014
Massive blow? Yes. End of season? No! Get some perspective. We are on a terrible run and desperately need a victory but what better fixture is there to put it right than Derby? The little man has predicted twists and turns, highs and lows for ages. Go on another run now and Play Offs is a realistic goal. Would everyone please stop moaning and get behind the team! Positive energy required.

11.) 19 Mar 2014
Hi Ed
More bad news losing Reidy.
We now need to bring someone in to fill Andy`s boots as players we have are not good enough.
I have only missed 4 games all season but fear all is now lost and we will finish 7th.
I will keep the faith till the fat lady blows that whistle.
L/boro Red

{Ed034's Note - devastating for us, billy and reidy. The player was hoping it was not bad and that he could make the weekend, but the much were having, that was never going to happen

12.) 19 Mar 2014
I hate to go on about the poor luck that we are having with injuries at the minute but there is no doubt it has had a major effect on our season. We really have to get behind them sat its going to be tough enough as it so the last thing they need is any negativity from the fans. So come on boys let's have it

13.) 19 Mar 2014
Why is it always the BD lovers, who come out with sayings like "it is time to get behind the team, it is all down to the injuries".

What about if BD had played more attacking football, instead of the negative rubbish we have seen, we would have been so far ahead the injuries would have only been the difference between automatic and the Play Offs.

The injuries have not all come from games and two injuries have been prolonged from to quick a return.

Reid should not have been risked against Doncaster, we couldn't win the game with him on the pitch, so BD could have played a more attacking team. Not Halford, up front, then on the wing.

We will not make the PO and the responsibility lies fully with BD.

{Ed034's Note - so injuries have not played a massive part?? It's nothing to do with being a billy lover, it's to do with being a forest fan and using common sense when looking at our situation.
Reid passed the medical test and was given the all clear. What is difficulty about that to understand for some people??
With all of our problems this season, we are still top six and are still in contention. Billy deserves praise for that

14.) 19 Mar 2014
Injuries are an excuse, it is the negative tactics and bizarre team selections that have will probably cost us the PO.

Reid passed fit, save him for Derby, play Abdoun, or is that using common sense.

The tea lady could have got us into the PO.

{Ed034's Note - you are pretty much showing your ignorance with the 'tea lady' line you keep on trying to post.

15.) 19 Mar 2014
See your point ed with reidy passing the medical then play him. But all big teams with top managers would not risk their star player back from injury in a home game with all do respect to Doncaster that we should win when you have a massive game away with your local rivals and play off contenders.

{Ed034's Note - well we could not beat Donny and when Reid went off, they were the better team, so billy was right to play him then

16.) 19 Mar 2014
Can you not admit that playing Halford up front then on the wing is baffling to say the least.

BD is an inept muppet, he gets found out time and time again, only this time he has lost the plot.

Been an expensive learning curve for the chairman, hopefully he has one bullet left then he can rectify has last managerial mistake.

{Ed034's Note - yes if Henderson is fully fit, I would play hendo. The thing is neither you nor I know his training was, what knocks either player had, what mental state they were both in etc.
Both you and I are only going on like you would pick your soccer manager team.
I think you are being very ignorant and are ignoring the facts that no other manager would have done a better job if getting us in the play offs, risking into account the season we've had. The fact we are on such a poor run, yet are still top six and still in contention, just goes to show what a good job billy did at the start of the season

17.) 19 Mar 2014
But before the game you would have thought 3 points and that's the point I'm trying to make. Mourning I wouldn't risk hazard back from injury against Norwich at home when they had arsenal away the following week

{Ed034's Note - the guy passed the fitness test, we are on a poor run and a victory would have done us the world of good before going into the derby game.
We do not have the midfield to be able to rest our best player, we have seen this over the last few games

18.) 19 Mar 2014
Oh ed no disrespect but you sound like a second king Canute. the way bd has treated the fans in possibly the clubs worst injury crisis is nothing short of criminal all that silly Billy had to do was tell the fans the situation with regard to team selection etc and they would understand just keep them informed and then his seemingly inept team selection and tactics would perhaps have been understandable but silly Billy always has to function with controversy everywhere he goes it really is so tiresome and yet each time someone pokes their head above the wall there's good old Ed to the rescue

{Ed034's Note - so you want the manager to tell you what's happened in training, what's going off in players personnel lives, what little knocks they all have?? Billy is not treating the fans bad, it's a small section of fans that see treating him bad.
He isn't talking to the press yet they are continually putting stories about him and the club. How can they write about you and give facts, when they are not bring spoken to? They can't, they can only make things up.
This media thing is boring and has been done to death.
For a manager who is inept at tactics and selecting teams, he has a bloody good record at getting teams top six.
You don't have to like the man, but you should respect his record and understand it's his job on the line and will be sacked if he doesn't get us promoted by next season. He knows this so why would he not do all he can to get us promoted??

19.) 19 Mar 2014
Yes he did pass the fitness test but IMO I don't think he should have started derby is a much bigger game and top managers would not risk their top players just coming back from injury in that sort of game when we have a massive game the week after with respect to Doncaster.

{Ed034's Note - three points is three points. By getting three on Saturday, we would have all been in a more positive frame about Saturday. We are not good enough to rest our best player

20.) 19 Mar 2014
19 Mar 2014 22:50:01
He's not out for three weeks and will play a part saturday. or so he told my mate on canning circus along with Landsbury being back in training.

21.) 19 Mar 2014
At the moment the team picks it self same every week. on field and on the bench cannot a couple of resers in?

22.) 19 Mar 2014
I think the Ed of this site is amazingly pro-BD biased

{Ed034's Note - I giving my opinion, just like the posts I add from people who come on. I have said negative things about billy but I don't think the fans that are slating him are doing so for the sake of it and are ignoring the facts he has had to deal with this season.

23.) 19 Mar 2014
It amazes me that everything is now BDs fault. Are these the same people who blamed SC for everything and 18 months ago said get rid of cohen. We have a great squad and if we don't do it this year we try again next season. We are forest fans not billy fans
Cohen Fan

24.) 20 Mar 2014
Billy has done a better job than any other gaffer has done over the past 10 years. We've had injuries but we still have professional players to fill in. And it just shows how weak our squad depth is. That being said, maybe BD should try a different formation to utilise the players we have in a preferred position. I think the only way to beat d***y is to attack from the word go. Mark their 3 top men out, have someone holding and tell wingers to track back when needed and shove 4 strikers up top. What harm can it do?

25.) 20 Mar 2014
1. Should Reid of played against Doncaster. Yes. You play your best available team. IF FIT. 2. Should Billy be sacked. Absosulely not. Get real you Billy haters. It seems you want us to lose so you can say you were right. that's not being a fan that's immaturity. We have lots of injured players Fact. We have a TOP TWO TEAM. But we don't have a top six squad. Unfortunately. IF Billy is a muppet and should be sacked as the Muppet above suggests. Then there are 18 managers in this league below us who would be in front of him! The facts are there for all to see. The injuries changed our fortunes not Billy. Forest have lost 3 of the last 10 games. QPR are above us and have lost 5 from their last 10 and Harry Redknapp is one of the best managers in the country and should be England manager. Why has there form dropped. because Harry is crap No. seems that without the likes of C. Austin and a few other first team players their not so good. Strange that eh. If your a true supporter get behind BD and the team. Even if we do have to write this season off. Which I for one won't because I still think it a few players back soon we have a chance. N if I was Billy I wouldn't come talking to some of your lot either.

26.) 20 Mar 2014
Just leave them to it ed if we were top they would still find fault as a lot of fans don't have a clue wonder how many of these so called fans are going on sat just to have a moan up

27.) 20 Mar 2014
You have to have a look at training procedures for injuries like hamstrings and pulls things like that, I don't see the team warming down properly after games, and that is as important as the warm up and this leads to pulls tears etc. H

28.) 20 Mar 2014
Play your best, give everything you have, as a player and for the club who pays your wages, the fans will respond, see the season out no matter where we finish. this squad when fit will be a match for anyone, fear no one, let them fear us. FTWD

29.) 20 Mar 2014
His hamstring injury has nothing to do with his hernia operation and previous couple of weeks out.
and you probably don't see them cooling down after the game becasue you don't sit in your seat for half an hour after the final whistle has gone. its not sunday morning under 12's, whistle goes, all into the club house to get chips and sausage without having a shower becasue they would rather go have one at home.

30.) 20 Mar 2014
With regards to injuries, it would be worth bringing in a team of sports science specialists, Leicester have done this and even injury prone players that they have got have stayed fit this season.

31.) 20 Mar 2014
I do take notice actually of warming down because I am doing sports science at Loughborough so sometimes I do stay and watch the warm down, I have also watched boltons, Leicester, etc warm down and there's seems to be more intense, so maybe a sports science team would benefit the team! So you stick with your sausage and chips mate.

32.) 20 Mar 2014
Anything that will help prevent injuries has got to be worth looking at. I do think they overcomplicate things now though. They used to say that john robertsons idea of warming up was to stand in front of a radiator with a fag on 20 minutes before kick off lol.

33.) 21 Mar 2014
A cool down isn't meant to be intense

34.) 22 Mar 2014
Dont doubt billys ability however I do think we are suffering in the transfer market with him now because of his actions.

35.) 22 Mar 2014
Miller scored again its a joke get him back. our lot can't need him tuesday

36.) 22 Mar 2014
Out of play offs now. take some getting back in after today.

37.) 22 Mar 2014
3 of our next 4 games are at home. Win all of these we will be back in the playoffs