22 May 2022 09:09:05
As we await Sunday match, I would like us to reopen the debate about crowd invasions and what the punishment should be after the Sharpe and McBurnie incidents .
Firstly would a fine / match ban deter such happenings - no . An England match behind closed doors vs Italy just deprives the FA of income.
Football attracts a certain kind of male individual who is prone to a drinking and violence culture who may or may not be employed . The 'Football' match is what their whole life revolves around. You will not deter this small group whatever action is taken .
The only way to stop this happening is a physical barrier as we will see at Wembley . In the end whatever venue we all attend and pay money should be safe . So the clubs and their sponsors need to stump up the cash. I don't mean a fence but Wembley like .
As we will see I hope in Sunday the excitement of a Forest win would without doubt have led to a pitch invasion but this cannot happen.

1.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 09:46:01
Docm as I said last week a pitch invasion must NEVER happen again. The tunnel at forest has protection for a reason. The fans ability to swarm in a flash from stand to pitch is currently uncontrolable. For this reason a form of barrier must go up at least to slow down the swarm and let stewards have a form of control. To my mind the worst case scenario occurred at our ground where a player was attacked. Not by a feral youth but a 31 yr old with a job a partner and a mortgage. The trust element has gone so therefore stringent enforcement must be put in place. In my opinion soft fencing barriers with gates and bolts pitch side, not locks, which are only slideable from pitch side. Only desperate youths would want to attempt to hurdle these so giving a form of containment giving time for players to exit the pitch and allow for police or stewards to gain control. Obviously suitable punishments dealt to offending clubs.
To think that standing areas are being experimented with is a slap in the face to fans and future thinking clubs… it’s an insult to the aftermath of the 97 and a sorry reflection of the world we live in…

2.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 09:57:51
Sorry doc too much stereo typing and generalising in your post for me mate . In reference to Mcduff and heckythump the should both be punished . Mcduff should get the same punishment as sharp’s protagonist, if he doesn’t it’s nowt short of a disgrace .

3.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 11:50:41
I agree these pitch invasions need sorting out as soon as possible. It’s only a matter of time before someone runs into the pitch at Old Trafford and gets the Man of the Match award! 😂😂.

4.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 12:46:30
It's the fans that want the standing areas, take a day off the soap box.

5.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 13:50:22
Ginger your an aggressive arguementitive person. Learn the art of conversation and debate please

6.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 15:13:48
Clough knee how to deal with pitch invaders. just saying like.

7.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 15:27:54
Just get OAP, s to run on the pitch, nobody notices old folk so you can just ignore them . As an OAP, I can say that for sure.

8.) 22 May 2022
22 May 2022 15:33:06
Rutland, after what that fox tried to do to him he’s bound to always be in flight mode, I think you should give him a break as that experience will have a left a scar on the lad.