31 Oct 2021 15:37:53
Got serious worries about Norwich beating the sheeps pathetic total, watching them now, they look really poor,

1.) 31 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021 15:45:49
As i posted the other day stevie. They have no ambition at all, the premier is a money tree mate. let's be having ya yes, in the championship without a parachute drop. Stop eating Delia's pies.

{Ed001's Note - they are truly dreadful. I can't believe they signed Kabak after seeing him 'play' for Liverpool on loan last season. He looked a league 2 player for us and he looks even worse for them! The scouts that recommended him to both teams should be sacked.}

2.) 31 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021 16:00:18
Harsh on Kabak there Ed thought he and nat Phillips had a solid partnership for a few months. If it wasn’t for them the scousers wouldn’t be in the champions league this season.
Granted he’s not a top CB, he’s a solid enough CB.

{Ed001's Note - it was Rhys Williams that came in and played alongside Nat not Kabak. Kabak was brutal and a disaster, until he got injured and that was when Liverpool went on a run, thanks to getting him out the side. Donkey, complete and utter donkey.}

3.) 31 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021 16:11:05
Haha go on ED love it 👍 and yes the harsh realities of war my friend.

{Ed001's Note - horrible player, he really was shockingly bad. It is not often you breath a sigh of relief to lose another player to injury in the same position as all the other injuries you have, but every Liverpool fan was gladdened when he got injured!}

4.) 31 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021 21:25:00
Norwich are a disgrace.
To go up and not make the signings they needed last time to stay up, shows they gave no ambition as a club.
It's just thanks for the 150 million and the parachute payments and see you again next year for another big payment.
Sad state of affairs.

5.) 31 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021 21:35:22
Got to say Liverpool looked terrible yesterday be lucky to make top 4.

6.) 31 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021 22:29:03
any regular yoyo team like norwich should be religated to div 1 without any parachute payment.

7.) 01 Nov 2021
01 Nov 2021 13:14:44
Unfortunately 65 that’s the way of things at the moment, I can’t blame Norwich for doing it like they do, why go and spend big on players and probably come back down anyway, most of the players they can afford won't be good enough to keep them up. They must keep a tidy sum in the kitty, the fans must be reasonably happy with promotion every other season, the cherry on delia’s cake, and while we have these stupid, unfair parachute payments this will keep happening, but I can’t blame the team’s its the pilocks the make the rules that's the problem.