18 Oct 2021 08:49:07
SC has got the squad believing in them selves and it's showing in their performances the teams we have played are not going to break any pots this season but needed beating Fulham etc are a different thing . They where walloped by Coventry and then Hammered QPR it would be a turning point to get a win in the next 3 matches but no losses will do to keep the belief I didn't want SC but look forward being proved WRONG.

1.) 18 Oct 2021
18 Oct 2021 13:10:52
What has happened at Forest in the last few matches is entirely down to SC. Example, Lolley comes on and takes on two gets past them centres then in theory a goal . All the players want to play . Colback, righty had a standing ovation neatly equal to Zinc . Astute subs . The whole atmosphere has changed due to SC . We can only hope he stays a longer time and becomes a legend as the amazing fans who will travel down to Bristol tomorrow deserve.

2.) 18 Oct 2021
18 Oct 2021 14:59:28
Yes has I said happy to be proved wrong bit early for a MESSIAH but have to say he seems a good motivator.

3.) 18 Oct 2021
18 Oct 2021 18:16:45
Steve Cooper is a great motivator and has a very intelligent football brain in my opinion…you only have to look at what Cooper has already done in 4 games to see that he knows his stuff…I was at the game on Saturday against Blackpool and I recommend anyone who bought a match day program to read his philosophy, man management and understanding of the game, it gives a great insight into Steve Cooper especially when it comes to giving players confidence to succeed and belief in them selves…maybe this is what was missing from houghtons style of management, confidence is everything and so is skill I think the quality was always there in the squad just not the confidence or type of football the players wanted to play under houghton and I think this is where Steve Cooper has got it right basically he’s done the opposite to houghton on the pitch and with the supporters…because of this we’re flying at the moment and long may it continue…which I think it will, I have lots of confidence in Cooper to succeed at Forest and it wouldn’t surprise me to see us finish top six this season…. so onwards and upwards.
3-1 to the Jollyforesters tomorrow.
In Steve Cooper I believe.

4.) 18 Oct 2021
18 Oct 2021 20:06:28
SC has certainly got it right and totally agree about HOUGHTON never had the players with him . SC is working the squad to perfection at the moment but its in Forest I believe no matter who the Manager is and long may that go on 2-1 the Reds.

5.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 11:55:30
I like getting carried away as much as the next man but we are still very much in a honeymoon period. The next test will be how we respond to a defeat or a couple of poor games.

When Cooper first started at Swansea they raced to the top of the league (W6 D4 L1 in his first 10 games), then they started to fade.

6.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 13:15:27
I agree sutton mate, but surely were due a bit luck along the way. i know the end of the season the table tells of it's truths. But a little luck/ rub of the green helps ☘☘☘.