23 Sep 2021 14:57:57
What's everyone's views on the direby situation? I'm not from Nottingham so I haven't got as much as the 'local rivalry' as most of you guys. My view is that pretty much every club is one decision or bad move away from being in exactly the same situation and my local team has been through the same so I can't get any real joy from it but I guess derby did actually taken it to another level with manipulating rules so much, so there is an element of karma? Point deductions and Relegation is punishment enough but I'd hate for another club to go out of business.

1.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 15:32:59
They deserve all they get, hope they do go through,

2.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 15:34:00
There was two ways of putting them down 2tone, points deduction or CO2 gas. Couldn't get the latter so had to be points mate.

3.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 15:43:37
the Sheep fans Iv, e spoken to all blame Big Mel for throwing the Kitchen sink at getting into the Prem and losing the play off final . Every Championship club wants the promised land and they want it yesterday we need to settle down and build it over the next 3-5 yrs but we will not get there unless we stop changing Managers and players at the rate we are . There have been some good Managers in our recent past that may have done that given more time, but we the fans must take some responsibility for calling for their heads I amongst them.

4.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 15:47:38
Goodbye sheep no more not for one minute there fans 2tone would care if it was us.

5.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 16:05:36
They broke the rules and have finally paid the penalty. The financial rules are there to try and stop clubs going for broke - they just did that, tried to cheat their way out of it with the sale of the ground. I have no sympathy but it does highlight that the ownership model of clubs needs to change. If sheep fans had been part owners of the club then I am sure this would have been prevented. The same could have happened to us and could still. I hope the government looks at this and brings in rules like they have in Germany on ownership. After all owners are only temporary custodians of the club and the fans are permanent!

6.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 16:15:16
I'm well pleased!
Never forget the crap we took off them for 2 years ago, remember Robbie Savage's antics?
And when they thrashed us 5-0.
Suck it up!

7.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 16:39:06
Bit harsh lads 不不不不不
What about the other 9 points? .

8.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 17:16:41
should be treated like bury, and chucked out of the efl.

9.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 17:43:21
No sympathy whatsoever.
DIREBY deserve what they get.

10.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 19:09:05
i suspect derby supporters are just like us, only support a different team. Like so many ordinary fans they have been let down by a dodgy owner. I reckon we need rivalries but i wish them no real ill and i would rather have a bit of banter in a pub with a derby fan than some rugby following muppet. However the above doesn't apply to Fester.

11.) 24 Sep 2021
24 Sep 2021 07:33:01
Sheep fans were all loving it when mad Mel Bent the rules in half to pay Rooney 100k a week, thinking how big time they were, now they are all pointing the finger at him, the fact is derby were nothing before clough and have been nothing since, build a few more shops on the prideless Park pitch, good riddance to a bunch of attention seeking serial financial cheats, they even got banned from Europe for a season when clough was there for financial irregularities, so its nothing new with them,

12.) 24 Sep 2021
24 Sep 2021 08:29:28
I agree Oakham, it's always the fans that suffer through this although we don't really have much sympathy for the Derby fans.

The true loser in all of this of course is Wycombe, none of this is going to help them now and it should have been Derby relegated last season and not them. I feel bad for those guys and they really tried right to the wire.

13.) 25 Sep 2021
25 Sep 2021 09:55:30
Ba ba down sheep have you any money Mel says yes sir yes sir 3 quid thats all.
Hope the **** go down and then out of business for good.
We hate dierby we hate dierby we hate dierby hate em sheep sheep sheep sha@@ers.