18 Sep 2021 09:55:41
What's with the anti Cooper, its ridiculous. We've got rid of Houghton 🤡 and some still moan . He did a great job at Swansea.
Looking forward to the rest of the season now. The young player / manager thing is happening, for god sake give the man a chance. Get ready for the new manager bounce and hope he and Rand get the players fit, cause there not at the mo 🎈.

1.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 11:06:16
Totally agree, anyone writing him off before he's even walked through the door need to consider if they're part of the problem.

2.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 11:35:18
Think with a lot of posters balloons it's not so much anti Cooper but disappointment it wasn't Wilder or Howe after their names had been banded about.
Nothing wrong in being disappointed that the appointment wasn't your first choice but agree let's give the guy a chance.
His after match interviews will be more user friendly when listened to by the medium of radio rather than TV though 🤔🤭🤣.

3.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 12:01:26
Well said fred. 👍.

4.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 12:36:18
I hate this constant change ofmanagers like many others but WHAT is the point of rubbishibg the new manbefore he has parked his car. I don't care how he plays if he improves the team and saves us from relegation.