09 Jun 2021 10:16:53
By the way anyone heard any news on Derby's punishment for breach of FFP? Me neither. I smell a cover up. To paraphrase Billy Connelly, there's 2 things I hate and cheating is both of them!

1.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 10:33:29
There is no time limit on making a decision it was announced a while back.

How they got away with their rule bending and breaking for so long is behond me.

2.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 11:58:29
Well said Money. You’d think there would be some time constraint on time however as the fixtures come out on 24 th June. I guess the punishment, if any, could be imposed points wise next season but you’d think the relegated 3 would want to start legal proceedings before the season starts for them in League 1.

3.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 12:38:28
Derby are saying that it is unlawful to even charge them so expect a long delay while the efl studies their legal position, after all they aren't the quickest at sorting things.

4.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 12:49:44
If it turns out to be unlawful then there are a lot of clubs that need to be get compensation from the efl for what they did.

How it can be unlawful to punish teams for breaking the rules they agreed to, thhat does not make sense.

No one forced them to play in the Championship if they did not like the rules.

5.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 13:32:07
Its best if you read the full statement from derby, they say they have paperwork from the efl saying they agreed with the valuation of the tinpot stadium.

6.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 14:21:20
If that is true 79 then how did the efl win their case.

7.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 17:10:10
The EFL are scared to ruffle the wool of the Sheep.

8.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 17:36:06
If the EFL are in the right as Derby have fought tooth and nail to avoid punishment the EFL need to make a example of them, not only deduct points but for those points to be served after the EFL have relegated them.

9.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 18:12:22
Exactly GF throw them into Scottish division 2 i say.

10.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 19:49:56
Im with you all they need punishment but if the efl have accepted their valuation and the sheep have proof then its an on going affair.

11.) 10 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021 13:48:04
Ff79 I don’t think the case is about the valuation of their stadium, it’s something to do with players payments, or how they have or haven’t been declared, that’s the way I read it,

12.) 11 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021 22:38:13
Yes stevie that is another part of it that's why i said read the statement.
Its going to be a long drawn out affair mate.