28 Jan 2021 10:50:01
nottinghamforestrumours poll results so far:-

Should Nottingham Forest Sack or Keep Hughton?

Sack (75%, 33 votes)

Keep (25%, 11 votes)

Total Votes: 44.

1.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 11:44:02
Quite surprising to say how awful our squad is.

2.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 11:46:52
I'm sure the poll will swing in the opposite direction if he manages to pull off the Glen Murray signing. 37, doesn't score goals anymore, high wages. This manager knows his stuff!

3.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 11:57:23
Glenn Murray is perfect for our system. Short term solution obviously but if he's fit he would bring the attacking trio into the game and be a good target for the crosses from full backs.

4.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 12:08:19
Problem is cyclist your basing that on when he was last playing regularly over two years ago.
He's 37 now and won't have got better with age.
Im all for a vintage red but only in a wine glass. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿท๐Ÿท.

5.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 12:20:55
Congrats! Ff79!

6.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 12:43:06
Thanks rogie i enjoy being a grandad.

7.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 12:51:43
But Cyclist, our full backs can't cross the ball. We need goals, not someone for the ball to bounce off.

8.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 13:18:35
walking past the forest training ground this morning, a skip driver asked me for directions to the ground, as i was looking at the brighton dialing code on the side, he said he was dropping glen mmurray off. yet more rammel. expensive at that.

9.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 13:35:51
This is getting ridiculous now. Murry at 37 years old
Go after Gayle instead not getting game time a Newcastle.

10.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 13:39:14
I agree Murray is too old. If they sign him they are just doing it to stay up not for long term planning which is what a club like us ought to be in a position to do. No way should we be where we are with our wage bill.

11.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 13:42:54
same goes for Gosling. He might be a short term fix if our midfield injuries are worse than the club are telling us but it is the desperate need to avoid relegation and NOT part of a long term plan.

Time to exploit the Academy and get top under 25yo players.

12.) 28 Jan 2021
28 Jan 2021 15:14:51
Cyclist you can forget Gosling he doesnโ€™t want to come - heโ€™s not stupid. Looks like the words got around about the fat Greek and his DOF side kick.