20 Mar 2014 10:40:51
Cometh the hour cometh The Man!
Has our Manager got what it takes to set the team up for a result?

Having rushed back Lichaj and Reid too early Derby is now a win ugly at all costs game that will define whether we finish in the play offs.

Please no starting with Wilson/Lansbury lacking match fitness. No tinkering with the back five from the last 2 games. No centre halves playing centre forward. A front five set up to encourage players to break with pace beyond the Derby back four and defend and close down in numbers.

We still have the players to compete but will BD adapt the system to suit?

Saturday is Judgement Day!

1.) 20 Mar 2014
You wish!

2.) 20 Mar 2014
Well Red
We will find out on Saturday if our Manager + Squad have what it takes?
I have no plans for Wembley this year!

3.) 20 Mar 2014
This isn't Sunday league football. in Sunday league a manager will say are you fit and you will reply yes or no boss. in professional football there is a medical team that examines players coming back from injury. players wil be watched through training and will have a fitness test to determine weather they are fit enough.
Are you saying that Billy is on the medical team?Billy will pick a player on the medical teams say so. if the medical staff says he's fit he knows more than Billy so why would he query it. if an electrician told me my house is wired correctly then how can I query it as i'm not a an electrician?

4.) 20 Mar 2014
Because its Derby, a loss is inconceivable. It will obviously influence whether or not we get in the play offs but its not a season defining game. 10 games to go, Derby & QPR away are big hurdles, the rest are very winnable. Its what we do in those eight games that will define our season.

5.) 20 Mar 2014
To 3. ) Do you really think its that simple? More like Billy says to medics words to the effect, I could do with reidy Saturday is he going to be OK? Medic says summat like might be a bit soon but could be OK and Billy decides either to gamble or not.
Also I think I might need my house rewiring. one electrician says it needs it but another has told me it is fine. Even experts can disagree. We don't know what happened, we do know that Billy and nobody else picks the team.

6.) 20 Mar 2014
You have good and bad Electricians!
If you had a fuse replaced and it blew next day you would question the electricians competence.
2 players both broke down in their first full match back following an extended layoff. Therefore you have to question the wisdom of putting them straight back in. Had it not been for all the other injuries they would have had to wait their turn to get a starting place!