17 Mar 2014 14:09:41
Fawaz owns nottm forest and this makes him BD, s boss and It, s time he told him part of his job is to talk to the local media and stop acting childish every forest fan I know is sick to the teeth of this silly on going saga and wants an end to it, get on with a very important part of your job billy because the fans are the heart of any club and deserve much better treatment than you give them we follow the club in the Post and on radio Nottm and will do so what ever Billy thinks and will do when players managers and staff have left the fans are the constant factor of any club and don, t forget It, CARLO

1.) 17 Mar 2014
I agree with this.
Fawaz needs to tell him to do his job which includes press commitments.
Perhaps he is a poor public speaker viz repetitive, does not answer questions, shifty and tries to portray all opposition as playing well despite our team's often poor performance.
He may have motivational skills (he thinks) and have a real injury crisis, but surely getting a good performance out of existing (lesser?) players is a skill all managers should possess.
Tactical skills are definitely not his forte.

2.) 17 Mar 2014
You mean the press that ha basically turned to rasisum remarks to describe the ownership at our club. That's the press you want to suck up to?

{Ed034's Note - the press that still quote jim price even though he is no longer employed by the club.
I ding understand how by billy saying nothing can make him the one who is 'poisoning' the clubs reputation. If he is saying nothing to the press, why are they still writing about him and us??

3.) 17 Mar 2014
I said this last week and fawaz must be fed ip with this as he loves good media coverage. Its not just billys club and its a lack of judgement on his part

{Ed034's Note - if fawaz did not back Billy's stance in this, he would have sorted it by now.

4.) 17 Mar 2014
Jim Price is no longer employed by the club? Is that official?

{Ed034's Note - he us not on the payroll so unless he is working for free lol he has helped in the odd thing, which I presume he has been paid for but he is not an employee