24 Feb 2014 13:33:12
Dorrans hasn't turned up to training today for WBA and he is not on the injury list. He has been given permission to miss training today as wasn't on the rosta this morning

1.) 24 Feb 2014
How odd is that

2.) 24 Feb 2014
It's like sako all again!Is he going on strike too??

3.) 24 Feb 2014
Aparantly he's nipped out to mcds

4.) 24 Feb 2014
Remembner reading this a couple of weeks ago by Yengo


10 Feb 2014 13:37:59
DORRANS to be announced 24/02/14 - all but signed as awaiting clearance and to ensure will be available for Play Off Final 26/05/14. One more to be announced should agreement be reached with Parent Club. King Fawaz

5.) 24 Feb 2014
Its well passed the 93 day rule now, wots BD doing getting players in now so they can go to the world cup as well

6.) 24 Feb 2014
He wants them to be eligable for the first game of the new season so we get off to a flyer.

7.) 24 Feb 2014
Love the world cup post pmsl nice one

8.) 24 Feb 2014
He's giving Leicester and QPR a chance to get them in before us!

9.) 24 Feb 2014
24 Feb 2014 17:53:17
It all talk no certanty

10.) 24 Feb 2014
Prob gone to tescoes. every little helps. sick of dorrans. wickham posts. there's better players out there. come on billy. go fishing.

11.) 24 Feb 2014
Billy knows what we need but clubs won't be willing to let players go easily unless it benefits them as well. That might mean all, or a combination of; wage contribution, guaranteed game time and - perhaps most worryingly - recall clauses. Also, only Billy and the medical staff know the real truth about how long some players will be missing i. e. Lansbury, Vaughan etc. If we are being held to ransom on some of the points already mentioned above (and others?) and the timeframe for returning players is better than we are currently aware then don't be surprised to see no one come in. I have no inside information but just making the point that getting quality people in is not as simple as some folk seem to think.

12.) 24 Feb 2014
Finally someone has put it into context - well said