11 Mar 2022 10:37:11
Interesting article in the Nottingham Paste by Max Lowe . He want to stay and says a
ALL the loans want to stay, they love it so much. Interesting.
Who do you think we could end up with permanently .
Lowe . yes Davies . yes . Zinc. yes.
Spence . no. Garner . mmm don't know. 🎈.

1.) 11 Mar 2022
11 Mar 2022 11:53:47
Think it depends if we get promoted, if so then they’ll all stay and if not probably none as premier teams will have seen how good they are.

2.) 11 Mar 2022
11 Mar 2022 12:11:51
Spence - Slight chance if we go up. No chance if we dont.
Lowe - Good chance if we go up. Little chance if we dont.
Garner - Might get another seasons loan if we go up. no chance if not.
Zinc - Might well be playing Championship football at Watford next season. Unlikely to be at Forest unless they try to make it permanent.
Davis - Good chance if we can agree a perm deal with Villa in the Summer.

Likely to lose 3-4 of them if we don't go up, plus Johnson/ Worrall etc will attract more interest. Without promotion this season, Murphy's going to have his work cut out again to bring in the required quality.

3.) 13 Mar 2022
13 Mar 2022 09:12:17
Agree. Davis is the one they will most likely sign.

If we go up, we can get better than Lowe. Zinc the same.