01 Feb 2022 00:02:58
Panzo deal done but can't see the Sam Surrige deal confirmed yet?

1.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 07:11:23
Both confirmed, the panzo signing probably signals the exit of Harbottle and fernandes in the summer though.

2.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 10:04:57
More like a return to Portugal for Figs?

3.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 11:16:12
It's baba fernandes I was referring to TWF, both out of contractin June.

4.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 11:32:13
Both RH and BF are still young lads, hopefully they'll sign a new deal because they've looked decent in the U23s and when given a first team opportunity. Pretty sure if they're good enough Cooper and Brazil et al will want to keep them on.

I trust the club to make good decisions with youngsters, they usually do. Even pre-Murphy.

5.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 13:51:40
Like both signings young and hungry, surridge determined to prove he can cut it as a striker in the championship which I think he will and ponzo a clearly talented footballer who can defend and create chances at the other end, looks more than capable of playing in midfield and chipping in with a few goals too.
Happy days some good signings this window and got rid of a few fringe players too, which will allow our youngsters to get more of a chance.
Bring on the foxes you reds.

6.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 14:17:19
21 now sutty and too many in front of them
Riley Harbottle just on out on loan to Wealdstone for a month.
With mbe soh and panzo in front of them I can't see them making the grade at forest.
To me 21 and you should be at least knocking on the door of the first team.

7.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 14:41:27
You may be right Fff79, but I do trust Forest to make the right call.

And tbh, didn't realise Harbottle was 21, thought he was still in his teens.

8.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 15:00:02
His brothers are
Baba 21 as well, I just look at the likes of worrall Johnson, mighten, finn back, getting first team action in their teens, you have to at keast be good enough to go out on loan to a league one or two side by the time your 20.
We have a tendency to keep calling them youngsters even when they are 23 and more.
Some very good kids in the under 18s that need to step up nowadays not have their paths blocked imo.
Swann, fornah, richardson won't make the grade either as forest first teamers.

9.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 16:10:35
All good points, mate. I've not given up on Fornah and Richardson though, they look decent. I'm probably not as ruthless as you :)

10.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 16:25:03
I just think they should be on loan to better standard than national league at their age and we are paying money for players like ponza and soh who are the same age.

11.) 02 Feb 2022
02 Feb 2022 09:59:39
Richardson should certainly be playing at a higher level than the National League - He looked decent in League Two last season, should really be having a go in League One, like Fornah.

I do get what you're saying, although some do develop late. Grabban, for example, was 23/ 24 before he started scoring regularly in League Two and was 25/ 26 before he had his first decent season in the Championship.

12.) 02 Feb 2022
02 Feb 2022 13:44:45
One of the reasons less are going out on loan, is that Brazil thinks the standard in Prem reserves that we are now in is higher than lower leagues.