18 Sep 2021 07:33:38
Looks like Steve Cooper is our new manager. Apparently 1.2 Million compensation agreed with Swansea. I am surprised our Chairman has gone for a Manger where we have to pay compensation when others are available. Still think he has limited club experience apart from being involved in the England set up. We have to get behind him.

1.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 10:27:41
Brilliant, another Hughton. Loves 1 up front and lots of defensive midfielders.
More boredom then- and to pay £1.2 million for his services is nothing short of a bad joke.

2.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 10:58:54
We have to get behind him 100% and not expect that the results are going to start flowing immediately. We know the squad as it is isn't capable of challenging at the top. Hopefully he can steer us to mid table and we have a much better transfer window next summer.

3.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 10:59:32
No we don’t…. he’ll be sacked by xmas anyway poor poor appointment oh well more disappointment.

4.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 11:23:02
His Swansea beat us 5-1 in the FA Cup last January. Get a grip, folks.

5.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 11:24:14
How do you know that damson?
Even before his first game.
Not sure what you where expecting as new coach.
At least he hasn't got a promotion on his cv so that's a good thing😁.

6.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 12:26:28
My opinion ff79 not a good appointment IMO
Not the sort of manager i would have thought we’d have gone for was hoping for a change in direction a more attacking and football playing type of manager ie wilder, Howe or even a foreign manager with new ideas, but no same sort of 1 up top boring football manager ie Cooper.

7.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 13:09:31
We've tired 2 up top Damson, still can't score goals.

8.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 15:39:58
Agreed Gazza, not my preferred choice but give him a chance.

9.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 18:24:25
To all the people who doubted Cooper before he even got here, I hope that pie tastes OK for yas 😂😂.