01 Sep 2021 12:30:27
Heard the new CEO has had enough already. He was promised he could bring in players he wanted, although I thought that was down to the manager, but the Greeks have interfered. Shades of Fawaz.

1.) 01 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 13:41:39
According to who? Some 15yo on Tw*tter?

2.) 01 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 19:06:37
Name your source Burncross serious accusations, ears are listening.

3.) 01 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 19:53:07
Hughton was interviewed recently about players joining and his reply was.

There are several people involved in the recruitment process and they all give me details of players that should join i then look at videos of the players, with cv you can not go and watch them play like before and i make the final decision on who joins.

It appears it is a bit of mischief being passed around to me Burncross.

4.) 01 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 20:50:51
Mcparland resigned for the same reason, interference and not being able to do his job.

5.) 01 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 21:06:02
I heard the ceo is loving it - the easiest job he’s ever had, all he has to do is log on here every few hours and do what we tell him to do 🤷🏻‍♂️.

6.) 02 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 22:13:39
Class 2 tone. 🤣🤣🤣.

7.) 02 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 22:27:35
Pity that CH does not, he may get the message or some tips on who to play.

8.) 02 Sep 2021
02 Sep 2021 08:37:48
Well the recruitment team and manager might have changed but the window results look very similar. We are still getting in more Portuguese players and Olympiacos reserves plus players from Panama and Tunisia. They may be younger but its not markedly different from when Vrentzos was CEO.

9.) 02 Sep 2021
02 Sep 2021 14:51:25
Two signings look like Greek signings - Drager from Olypiakos for obvious reasons and Silva from West Ham, who shares the same agent as Cafu, Pele and Gil Dias et al. And to be fair, had Maja not failed his medical then we may not have had Silva at all. Silva to me looks like a last minute deal pulled out of the hat by the Greek's contacts.

I think the other permanent deals - Horvath and Ojeda - are obviously from the new regime. And I believe the loans - all of which look decent - are on the advice of Chris Hughton.

Personally, I think the window had a new look about if for Forest and went reasonably well right up until the last minute when we panicked for a forward.

I think Flemming, Harroui, Mukairu, Cannon et al where also links via the new regime. Young talents with ablity and sell-on potential - Nothing like previous years!

10.) 02 Sep 2021
02 Sep 2021 22:38:08
Never saw anything about a failed medical just that we never actually made an offer?