24 Oct 2014 10:30:51
In the broad sheets today that Forest are in trouble over FFP and may jeapordise our promotion, would ignore if in the trash comics but not a reputable paper. Worried Reddog

1.) 24 Oct 2014
See the report in the NP today by Tails probably explains better and I expect that half the clubs in the Championship are going to be in same position.

2.) 24 Oct 2014
I would think if half of the clubs are in the same boat it isn't working and there will have to be a re think on the situation

3.) 24 Oct 2014
Why are you worried?the fa will see that we have drastically reduced the way we have been run and will take that on board. we all knew we would more than likely have an embargo in January because of how much it costs day to day to run the club. don't get too worried until the accounts get produced in December then we can see where we are. faulkner knows what he's doing

4.) 24 Oct 2014
It is being reported that three Championship clubs are in the same boat.

I think we're still in a hangover period from last year when Fawaz was trying to do everything himself, including some horrendous signings. It seems we're back on the right road with a new CEO and a better wage bill, so hopefully this should all be history sooner rather than later.

Worst case scenario is that if we exceed an £8m loss when the accounts are filed in November we might be hit with a fine or with an embargo. That might harm us a little in the short term but as I say, we look to be on the right road now.

5.) 24 Oct 2014
Blame the previous money grabbing manager.

6.) 24 Oct 2014
If we get hit with a fine Fawaz will probably ask how they want it paying cash or cheque.

7.) 24 Oct 2014
I think it's also key that what we file this year (so far) shows a marked improvement over last year and we demonstrate we are trying to adhere to it. That way the sanctions imposed may be less severe.
Puts into perspective the sales of darlow and lascelles slightly better

{Ed003's Note - The current rules aren't like the European FFP ones Keeno - they just take into account whatever the last 12 months accounts are not what direction the business is going.}

8.) 25 Oct 2014
I understand that if there is a transfer embargo that we will still be able to bring players in on a one in one out basis. Although not ideal if we can offload the likes of Abdoun (possibly the highest earner in the club) and a couple of others that aren't making it into the first team, Forest will still be able to build/add for the final push in the new year.
Although an embargo isn't ideal the club will find a way to bring players in i'm sure.

9.) 25 Oct 2014
25 Oct 2014 20:41:08
Forest needn't worry about promotion, FFP on not. No win in 9 games is hardly tantamount to getting into the Premiership. Come on Mr Pearce, get angry, they don't want to see you when your angry.

10.) 26 Oct 2014
We have only spent 1.4 mill on players with the sales of others so must more about how the club is being run or something we don't know about, why hasn't abdoun been at least transfer listed, and i know i don't know the ins and outs of the rules but if Fawaz is our sponsor can't he just sponsor forest more money to balance the books :) ?