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12 Feb 2019 23:02:10
Next poor ref decision will be a disallowed goal for us in the last minute for a victory.
When he writes up tonight's match report l wonder if he will put he made a bad call . He will know he has, it's up to the refs panel to make a judgement on his penalty. That sort of decision may cost clubs many millions re promotion or relegation.


1.) 13 Feb 2019 05:45:38
Refs make mistakes that’s a fact always have they are only human but what I didn’t like from mason was he never gave himself even a second of thinking time blew his whistle straight away now to me that says he was 100% convinced that a foul as been committed an yet there wasn’t one so how can he give it and the lolley one was pathetic he saw the shirt pull but bottled giving us a pen all in all he should get a 3 game ban an be made to explain to the fa and forest his actions but won’t happen

2.) 13 Feb 2019 10:46:56
I actually feel a little sorry for Mason. He was sold a dud by Gayle and that is bad but he was looking at the ball and players feet for Lolley pen and other officials did nothing. I think VAR need improving before being used but maybe it is time we had 4 or 6 assistants maybe behind goals who are there to help with these big decisions? So often one man (the ref) has to be watching everything and linesmen are rubbish and can’t keep up. this season Forest have had some big decisions go against them. is hard to know the answers but the FA really need to sort it as some decisions this season have been crazy!

3.) 13 Feb 2019 11:19:14
Gayle should get a 3 game ban for that, it's the only way to discourage people from diving.

Well done Forest, really unlucky not to get 3 great away points.

4.) 14 Feb 2019 03:41:37
For me all it needs is the 4th official to be watching the replays on an iPad or something an he could alert the ref through his mic



17 Nov 2018 20:12:45
Went to Notts this afternoon collecting for prostate cancer. Spoke to one or two fans and was told manager had lost the dressing room, but also not speaking to many staff at the ground. After watching the match l would thought he would have blasted the players if he was still there as their was players going through the motions, They obviously deserved it they are crap . Saw them twice this season, boy how bad they are and l am glad Vaughan is not being picked, dismal. Mr. Mcparland dropped by and donated, well done to all Donors and collectors, a big thank you.


1.) 17 Nov 2018 20:49:16
Great of you to give your time up for such an important cause as cancer,it affects us all and I lost my brother to it in September,football always comes second to family and such a nasty disease.
On the football side the owner panicked,not once but twice in such a short space of time.

2.) 18 Nov 2018 09:54:57
That awful desease has played its evil part in my family too 1951 so well done pal.

3.) 19 Nov 2018 21:38:39
The lost dressing room has been found abandoned in the car park outside the Flat Pack Stadium!

4.) 21 Nov 2018 16:01:14
Gazzibaldi, feel your pain, sitting next to my wife in her hospital bed after a brutal chemo treatment.

Respect to all who share their time to help others.



24 Oct 2018 16:37:59
Our owner l feel has done the business, he has increased season ticket holders and some improvements to areas in the ground. As he has encouraged juveniles to get tickets at all ages, l would think they would be looking for exciting football. As they are not fully aware of the ins and outs of the game, they just take in what is in front of them.

To be honest is it enough to get them going, they jump up when we score . The enthusiasm of kids at half time knows no bounds, and wish the club could bottle it. When winter has arrived cold, wet damp misty days the only thing that's gets me warmed up is Bovril . Hope he visiting to kick backsides, we will see after these next two games.




23 Sep 2018 14:46:50
I have as some of you are aware had medical treatment and have not renewed my season ticket, as l was not sure if l would be able to come to matches. Anyway all has turned out satisfactory, but don't have a seat. I now get tickets for matches l can get to and all is fine.

But, in sitting in various stands next to fellow fans l have found out what a most miserable and unfriendly crowd we have. I might have been unlucky in my choice of seat, but l think that the reason the seats have not been taken is of the said observations. Try and lighten up fans be more accommodating to either fellow reds or visitors.


1.) 23 Sep 2018 15:54:23
Hope you continue to be well mate. take care

2.) 23 Sep 2018 21:44:07
51 Ff799 has an empty seat next to him. I'm sure you both bring a smile to each others faces in the BC Stand? 😊

3.) 23 Sep 2018 22:09:17
51. Hope your illness is now behind you and I wish you good health for the future.
I have been saying this about Forest supporters for years they are finkle and impatient.
Crap manager year after year. Not buying enough players then buying to many. All of them knowing better formations than the manager
The list is endless.

4.) 23 Sep 2018 22:19:08
Yep it's still empty but apparently sold when you phone up.
Either someone's got more money than sense or there's a bit of a clock up?🤔

5.) 24 Sep 2018 06:43:30
FF79, surely a modern radical free thinker such as Red makes his purchases on line ?

6.) 24 Sep 2018 09:00:23
Thats seats comes with a health warning and direct dial phone to the Samaritans.

7.) 24 Sep 2018 09:24:44
Yep Online ticketing is the only way pick your seat and whoopy cushion. I live in hope that one day they will be able to organise drinks and snacks to the seat!

799 and 51 need to exchange seat numbers to buddy up.

8.) 24 Sep 2018 12:49:32
Ff799 any chance of forwarding the details ,looking to park myself somewhere, is it a nose bleeder seat ,high at the back?

9.) 24 Sep 2018 19:18:02
51 they won't let anyone have the seat it's sold and they won't g8ve details out otherwise one of the lads was having it.

10.) 24 Sep 2018 20:04:51
Lol nice one red!

11.) 24 Sep 2018 20:53:31
Thanks anyway Ff799 COYR



18 Sep 2017 12:19:38
Having read reports on Saturday's game in Wolverhampton's press they are delighted with their win. Wolves regard it as a huge win, and a big win. As I saw with Wolves play they gave us respect in the first half, less so in the second. Most teams when they play us say that they expect to get something from the game. After if they get a result they are over the moon, so don't think we are not improving, we are.


1.) 18 Sep 2017 16:21:38
I think we have improved in some ways but lacking so much in defence plus I noticed that yeah we like to play it on the ground but spend half of it going backwards don't seem to be able to move the ball quickly sometimes I also think Eric should get in the team , one thing that did puzzle me we played one upfront at home which seemed negative while wolves played three upfront

2.) 18 Sep 2017 16:23:53
If I was any other championship team about to play us I would think they have some decent players going forward and have a goal in them but they are crap at the back and vulnerable at set pieces. Full backs that love to getting forward but can't defend for toffee.
We are a team that has improved as a squad from last season and are sorting things out off the pitch but I suspect teams are hardly quaking in their boots at the thought of playing us.

3.) 18 Sep 2017 21:07:31
how can you say there improving.they lose and that's improvement. goals against will be like a cricket score end of season.face the facts,they are not improving.they can't score.cant defend,and can't fathom out mw,s tactics plan.

4.) 18 Sep 2017 22:12:28
Won 4 Lost 4. Should have lost to Millwall, but should have beat Barnsley. How many times in the past when we were not fighting relegation did we out play teams but drew or lost. Like RR said they are all tough games. Defending is poor but Warburton's more attack minded, but hopefully he will sort the defence out so they are more organised, plenty of games left to do it.

5.) 19 Sep 2017 12:07:18
True bright. Plenty of time. Consolidation this season.

6.) 19 Sep 2017 13:12:45
Typical of a v tight league. Not much to choose between most teams so games not likely to be dominated either way. Stay calm and enjoy the tension :/




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16 Feb 2019 17:25:35
Forecast this outcome after WBA game, l said we would have a late goal disallowed for a win . Just thinking of ways we come away not getting what we have earned, cannot imagine what will happen with Derby, all our Christmases come at once .


1.) 16 Feb 2019 17:56:21
Well that’s the 7 mins plus mysteriously found against Norwich , the blatant hand ball at leeds , the ludicrous penalty given ,and then the obvious one denied to us at West Brom ,not to mention the 4th official unusually getting involved and getting one of our players sent off against stoke, and now what most seem to agree ( apart from the Pratt of a ref.) a perfectly legal goal disallowed at Preston , I personally am beginning to come around to the opinion there is an agenda against forest , too many instances for me to believe it’s random,



16 Feb 2019 09:44:57
Read with interest who prefers different players for different reasons . Now we have new management the players have got a different attitude, it's certainly done us good.


1.) 16 Feb 2019 09:55:30
Think they will stick with the same side as WBA.
Watson is his captain so will play.
Preston won't like playing against a team like that,they prefer to counter attack,so will be very interesting to see the outcome.
Got a feeling we'll Nick it .

2.) 16 Feb 2019 13:05:46
🐑🐑🐑 losing!!!

3.) 16 Feb 2019 13:11:14
My request for lee mason to referee div two have been sucessful he is doing notts v stags this will be interesting!!!!

4.) 16 Feb 2019 13:20:23
He'll probably award a soft penalty to Tyler Walker so as to appease his guilt!

5.) 16 Feb 2019 13:36:07
Just watching Brighton v The Sheep . you have to admire that guy "Bruno". 38 yrs young and still flying up and down that right hand side,and giving his all.

6.) 16 Feb 2019 14:45:49
Well Ff799, Watson not playing, not captain and not on the bench. Back to Grabban partnering Murphy up front, so all change. Colback captain, wonder if that will stop the yellow cards? - doubt it!



13 Feb 2019 20:24:37
Their as far as l am aware no punishment the FA can meter out to WBA . But Gayle can get some punishment, hopefully not a fine but suspicion, it must be embarrassing for the FA that every time we are on the box their is controversy regarding referees, l personally have defended referees when decisions go against us blaming our side for a poor performance . Now getting doubts against the standard of referees, having once being a man in black myself . The referee can only give what they see in the position they are in at the time .
For me the club should lose anything they got from the game, i e points.


1.) 13 Feb 2019 20:31:51
If it was var the goal wouldn’t of counted and they wouldn’t of won simple so we should get the points

2.) 13 Feb 2019 20:33:00
That'd put anybody off a lifetime of people being overly suspicious of you 🤔 picture airports and all 🤣🤣

3.) 13 Feb 2019 21:09:54
A simple solution is to have a couple of extra officials on each side of the goal line - ah but that would cost money!

4.) 13 Feb 2019 21:29:13
We've tried that in Europen games.,we've got the ,but other than two instances and they where both at the city ground in front of me ,I've never seen them do anything?
The idea is right,but what's the point of having them if the ref takes no notice?.

5.) 13 Feb 2019 21:42:01
We've got the ,should have said
Make their own minds up,they seem to know what we really meant?🤣🤣

6.) 13 Feb 2019 22:05:58
Lol 😁😁🤣🤣

7.) 14 Feb 2019 03:34:47
Don’t think having extra officials helps as most linesman don’t help the ref in these situations either, I still can’t work out how between them they couldn’t see a dive, when I was watching on my mobile an in real time I thought it was a dive an if your not 100% u can’t give it so he must of been 100% sure to give it but he couldn’t of could he as he didn’t see the dive poor poor decision



11 Feb 2019 06:52:04
Not bothered about the mug it's the wind up, my mate put me onto him . Not been to Bakewell for three years, shop in a pedestrian area .
Old acquaintance of mine is a Derby fanatic supporter, when my wife and l visited some years ago on a Saturday the football results came in on television, forest lost and he stood up with clenched fists screaming, yes yes yes . Worst thing he could have done, had given him many small paybacks over the years . He is now devorced, his wife to his utter disgust has married a red .




10 Feb 2019 16:22:11
A few years ago a friend of mine told me of a gift shop in Bakewell that sold football mugs, and that the owner is an avid Derby supporter. I visited the shop and saw plenty of prem team mugs and several Derby mugs, l asked the owner if he had any Forest mugs and he said he didn, t. could he order me one, he was very reluctant . Armed with one in my bag l returned to the shop and asked him if the one l ordered was in yet, but he told me he could not get his hands on one as they don, t make them any more. I walked back to where the mugs were sneaked mine out and went to him and said this was on the shelf with no price on it. he said its not for sale and took it of me . Is their something wrong with it, it, s not for sale and smashed it in a dust bin . Been in the shop since and my mate is still asking if he has forest mugs, only when their are people in the shop so he can, t lose it. He knows us now and tells us to bugger off.


1.) 10 Feb 2019 16:48:52
Let us kmow its location, Sure we can brighten his day a bit

2.) 10 Feb 2019 20:10:48
he needs the prverbial.Bull In A China shop. sort of crew to go in.
theres a guy in burnley. he played for them. when i go in there,he,s a nice guy. played against forest. totally different to some you meet. my wifes from burnley. and her distant cousin is steve bruce.

3.) 10 Feb 2019 20:14:39
When I'm over I'll call in.
Buy a Derby mug then "accidentally" drop it in front of him!!!

4.) 10 Feb 2019 20:42:08
I'm not sheepish and all for anyone dropping a Derby mug 🤣🤣🤣

5.) 10 Feb 2019 20:53:05
That would be "smashing" if you could do that Rogie!

6.) 10 Feb 2019 21:33:49
Now come on be careful with Derby cups guys- they’ve won precious little of them in their history 😂😂

7.) 10 Feb 2019 22:15:16
I don’t know some of them royal derby pieces are worth a few quid that’s because there ain’t many about us forest fans have smashed them all carry on lads 😂

8.) 11 Feb 2019 06:53:37
That's the only cups have!!!

9.) 11 Feb 2019 09:31:10
It's well known that the real difficulty for the sheep is that Derby is always Fur Cup.




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29 Nov 2018 14:48:53
We have had enough of clubs taking our best assets these last few seasons , hope the club tells them what to do . they never offer their best assets in exchange ,Lolley is priceless to us , all our play up front comes through him he is irreplaceable . Sign him on an extended contract . AK has now starting to get us ticking foolish to dismantle the best up and coming side in the EFL. Pants still not giving me confidence there seems no improvement, watch and wait till Christmas then sorry pal , on your bike.




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07 Nov 2018 19:23:59
He ain't,t heavy,
He's my brother (red).




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06 Oct 2018 19:23:07
Come on mate don't hold back,let's have it we can take it on the chin. I for one hoped we could get a draw but this result seems to be fully deserved . We are looking for consistency and it will come .




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24 Sep 2018 20:53:31
Thanks anyway Ff799 COYR




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24 Sep 2018 12:49:32
Ff799 any chance of forwarding the details ,looking to park myself somewhere, is it a nose bleeder seat ,high at the back?





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12 Feb 2019 10:30:10
Thank you for all the memories, R.I.P Gordon Banks .




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07 Feb 2019 21:01:14
Lolley would do even better if players around him fed him decent service , players of any quality need a team around them and need to understand what i e Lolley is moving to .




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27 Jan 2019 12:12:43
To all our dear departed reds fans may your support never be forgotten and your legacy live on . To all those family members left behind our support for the club is at times fanatical, sincere and honest , we praise your tolerance.




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25 Jan 2019 17:37:25
Does he honestly think we will keep a clean sheet .




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20 Jan 2019 12:13:38
I agree with you bsered , but it always seems to be a merry go round . New manager then ship out players and bring in new , then repeat the cycle over and over again . The player we are looking for is a Reid type , then we might get somewhere .2star a play off spot for me at the start of the season was a big task , it's even bigger now . I really hope we get there this season , fingers crossed .